Opus 88 Fantasia Fountain Pen

Introducing the Opus 88 Fantasia Fountain Pen!

For those of you who are new to our blog, welcome! We hope you grab a seat and stay awhile! For those of you who continually return to see what’s next, thank you for your continued love and support! Today we’re excited to talk about the Opus 88 Fantasia Fountain Pen that Opus 88 has recently announced. Opus 88 has really come out with some great designs on the Fantasia fountain pen, and there are definitely some handy features.

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Opus 88 Fantasia Fountain Pen Features

Probably one of the most noteworthy features of the Opus 88 Fantasia is its size. This small “pocket” sized pen is great for travel and carry. It is a traditional eyedropper like the rest of Opus 88’s offerings, and includes a nifty glass eyedropper to use.

Opus 88 Fantasia Fountain Pen Cap

Opus 88 Fantasia Fountain Pen Cap

Another ingenious quality of the Fantasia is the system for releasing the shut-off valve. Because the cap is used to unscrew and open the shut-off valve in order to allow air into the ink chamber, the pen can be more compact. Also, you can use the cap to close the shut-off valve, and the extra leverage of the cap helps to ensure a tight seal!



Opus 88 Fantasia Fountain Pen Size Comparison

Opus 88 Fantasia Fountain Pen Size Comparison

The Opus 88 Fantasia Fountain Pen will come with a #5 JoWo Nib, so the same as the Koloro and Picnic models. The only model of Opus 88 that currently uses a #6 JoWo nib is the Demonstrator. The nib is stainless steel and matches the rest of the chrome accents on the pen. The barrel of the pen has been made from acrylic, with the cap being made from ebonite. One of the most unique qualities of the Fantasia is the striping multi-color striping on the cap. They really know how to put the Fantastic into Fantasia!

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Enter to win an Opus 88 Fantasia Fountain Pen

Enter to win one of these new fountain pens from Opus 88.

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83 thoughts on “Introducing the Opus 88 Fantasia Fountain Pen!

  1. DK Goodyk

    Thank you for the giveaway and it would be amazing to win one of these.

    I hope to see more of the new J Herbin inks in the future.

  2. Jun

    I really love the colours on these, they just look so cheerful and fun. I’m curious about the cap and valve mechanism though, even after seeing the video where they demonstrate it– do you need to use the cap or is it doable by hand as well?

  3. Joe F.

    Opus 88 is really producing some nice pens. I haven’t had the opportunity to use one yet, alas, but I do keep coming back to consider them.

  4. Cole

    Simple, pleasant-looking pens. Any information on what the MSRP is? I wonder how they might compare to TWSBI Eco or Diamond 580 pens. They look cheaper, but if they can offer comparable-quality demonstrators at lower costs, they might be worth the investment. The portability would be great for notebook artists.

    On another note, I’d like for the Pen Chalet team to review some cheap inks suitable for art applications, especially ones that are not waterproof. Any such inks that might match that description?

  5. EH

    These are neat looking pens. I’d like to see a review of the new J Herbin orange shimmer ink that’s being released soon.

  6. Sara

    Wow- these are really neat! I love that blue one- of course it would have to hold a blue ink…maybe Iroshizuku Shin-kai?

  7. Mary

    I love the stripes, each pen is unique and pretty. Great smaller size, perfect to carry with me. Please pick me to win!. Looks expensive too.

  8. Melodie Li

    I love the look of these pens!! Has a retro look to it. And the valve opening and closing is a great feature. I’d love more reviews on the colorverse inks.

  9. Scott DiGello

    An eyedropper fountain pen that claims not to burp ink released in the summer, Bold Move Opus 88. I would love to win this giveaway to see if the pen lives up to it’s claims. If it does I’m picking up at least 1 more.

  10. Cynthia

    Thank you for the opportunity to win one of these pens. The brand has been on my radar since they’ve been released.

  11. Samantha Crabtree

    Interesting little pens. Curious to see how the valve works.

    I don’t have an all-time favorite ink, but I just recently inked a pen up with Monteverde Rose Noir and am really liking it.

  12. Brian King

    Seriously crossing my fingers for this giveaway. I’ve been wanting to obtain an eyedropper pen for a while and love what I’ve been seeing from Opus 88! These seem beautiful, thank you to Pen Chalet for the chance to win! Good luck to all!

  13. thealbedo

    Its cool that Opus 88 went with such bright and vivid colors instead of playing it safe and conservative.
    Great Giveaway, thanks.

  14. Beth Fralix

    Absolutely Stunning Pen!! This is on my top five wish list!! Praying I’m blessed enough to win this pen!! God Bless & Love You Bunches!!!

  15. Aimee

    Love that blue! I’m usually nervous to throw an eye dropper in my bag, but I might give it a go with this wee one.

  16. Gabrielle

    These are some fun pens! I’d definitely love to see a review of the new J Herbin 1798 orange ink! It would look nice with that orange Fantasia.

  17. Andrew Mulnix

    Not really a fan of these pens. I’m not sure what the appeal is. The demonstrator looks nice.

  18. Geoffrey Dunn

    Certainly a colourful series and getting lots of press so hopefully they live up to the hype. This would certainly add a sparkle of colour to my collection. Thanks for the opportunity to try one.

  19. Erik

    I love my Opus 88 Koloro Demonstrator, but I’m only so-so about my Koloro Picnic. This pen definitely looks interesting, though.

  20. Laura Alvarez

    Love the look of these pens. I’ve been wanting to get a pocket size pen for a while now. Maybe this will be it.

  21. Alyx Walker

    I really find the look of these intriguing! The cap is fascinating. I think it would be a fun blog post/review type thing for you to have a series where each staff member reviews their top 3-5 inks and explains why they love them so much.

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  22. Stephanie J.

    My favorite ink… ugh, so difficult. Probably a Sailor green. If I really have to choose just one, Sailor Epinard. Love that dark green.


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