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Looking for a sale on fountain pens or maybe just a giveaway. Here we share great giveaways, contests and promotions on our fountain pens, inks and other writing instruments.

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Top 5 Fountain Pen Day 2020 Celebrations

It's officially Fountain Pen Day, and so many of you are wondering about our Fountain Pen Day 2020 celebrations that we thought we'd pull some suggestions together for you all in one spot. Firstly, here at Pen Chalet, we're celebrating the big day with promos and deals, and giveaways. The Fountain Pen Day promos, deals,

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Buy fountains pens and fountain pen inks and earn rewards with pen Chalet

Pen Chalet Ink Rewards Just Got Better!

How could they possibly get better? I'm glad you asked because you're right. The ink rewards program has always been a favorite around here. I mean...who doesn't like to receive an email from their favorite pen retailer congratulating them on becoming a Nib Meister. Titles hold power, you know. They really do. But even though

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