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Top 5 Fountain Pen Day 2020 Celebrations

It’s officially Fountain Pen Day, and so many of you are wondering about our Fountain Pen Day 2020 celebrations that we thought we’d pull some suggestions together for you all in one spot. Firstly, here at Pen Chalet, we’re celebrating the big day with promos and deals, and giveaways. The Fountain Pen Day promos, deals, and giveaways are just about busting the windows out around here (the doors are blockaded at the moment by all the pens and inks we’re about to start shipping out to ya’ll.) What are you doing to celebrate Fountain Pen Day 2020?

Fountain Pen Day 2020: Our Favorite Holiday of the Year

If you are a fan of Fountain Pen Day, you know that it occurs annually on the 1st Friday of each November. It’s a day set aside to celebrate fountain pens! So fountain pens the world over show their fountain pens a little extra love today and going out of their way to share their love of fountain pens with everyone who hasn’t yet discovered their need to join the fountain pen fan club. Many of you have asked us for suggestions on how to celebrate, and we’re not going to disappoint you.

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Celebrate Fountain Pen Day 2020 by giving your favorite fountain pens a little extra love and attention. // featured here: Cross Wanderlust fountain pen in Malta.

Top 5 Fountain Pen Day 2020 Celebrations:

While there are a million and one ways you can indulge in fountain pen day 2020 celebrations, and all of them will likely be completely and utterly divine, we all have our favorites. You might even call them Fountain Pen Day traditions. If you haven’t yet turned your fountain pen day 2020 celebrations into Fountain Pen Day traditions that you embrace year after year, choose one of ours and make it your own.

1. Be Classic and Classy for Fountain Pen Day : Write a Letter

Pick someone you know and love and write a letter to them with your favorite fountain pen and fountain pen ink. Make sure to note underneath your signature which pen and ink you used so they’ll be curious enough to seek out more information about the fountain pen world.

2. Regift Your Favorite Beginner Fountain Pen for Fountain Pen Day 2020:

Put together an “Intro to fountain pens” gift package for a friend, including a good introductory fountain pen you don’t use anymore. (Also, watch for the upcoming 2020 Holiday Pen Gift Guide Best Beginner Fountain Pens post coming soon!) And if you don’t have a pen you don’t use anymore (or that you can stand to part with), wander on over to and check out our list of popular fountain pens for beginners. You can have it mailed directly to a good friend you want to introduce to the fountain pen fandom.

3. Go Old School on Social Media for Fountain Pen Day 2020:

If you’re a social media fan, adjust your style for the day. Instead of your regular images accompanied by text, write out your “captions” using your favorite fountain pen and fountain pen ink, then take a picture and share it on your social media channels. (Again, make sure to note at the bottom of your “caption” which fountain pen and fountain pen ink you used).

4. Indulge Your Fountain Pen Wish List for the Big Day:

Pull out your pen wish list, and check to see if any of your “must-haves” or “somedays” are on sale at your favorite online retailers – you can find out hottest Fountain Pen Day sales, BOGOs, etc. all in one place right here:

5. Make Your Favorite Fountain Pen Famous:

Give your favorite fountain pen a moment of fame – create a fountain pen feature and post it on your favorite social media platform. And make sure to tag #penchaletfpd2020 because we want to be one of your favorite fountain pen’s biggest fans.

No matter how you decide to celebrate, we hope you have a great day. Now, let the Fountain Pen Day 2020 celebrations commence! Get your celebrations started by doing some early shopping for 2020 holiday pen gifts at