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Fountain Pen Gift Ideas

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Gift Ideas for Beginner Fountain Pen Users

Looking for the perfect gift for the fountain pen novice? Here are some great gift ideas for anyone just beginning to use fountain pens. We have listed some great starter fountain pens as well as other items to go with the pen.

El Dorado Glass
available in 10 colors

Retail: $15.00
Sale: $12.00
available in 5 colors

Retail: $47.00
Sale: $37.60
MR Metropolitan
available in 14 colors

Retail: $29.99
Sale: $23.99
available in 12 colors

Retail: $22.00
Sale: $17.60
Bottled Ink(30ml)
available in 37 colors

Retail: $8.00
Bottled Ink(50ml)
available in 6 colors

Retail: $10.50
Sale: $8.40
Pitch Black
available in 4 colors

Retail: $12.95
Top Staplebound
available in 5 colors

Retail: $4.00
available in 2 colors

Retail: $279.00
Sale: $223.20
Custom 74
available in 8 colors

Retail: $220.00
Sale: $176.00
1911 Standard
available in 4 colors

Retail: $225.00
Sale: $180.00
Vanishing Point Collection
available in 13 colors

Retail: $210.00
Sale: $168.00
Custom 823 Collection
available in 2 colors

Retail: $420.00
Sale: $336.00
Iroshizuku Bottled Ink(50ml)
available in 24 colors

Retail: $28.00
Sale: $22.40
Edelstein Bottled Ink(50ml)
available in 9 colors

Retail: $35.00
Sale: $28.00
available in 33 colors

Retail: $22.00
available in 4 colors

Retail: $23.95
One Pen Slip
available in 3 colors

Retail: $15.00
Sale: $12.00
Collector's 10
available in 4 colors

Retail: $79.00
Sale: $63.20

Are you looking for a fountain pen gift idea and not sure what to buy? We have created a list of some of the top performing, top selling fountain pens, inks and accessories. We also have grouped them by gift ideas for the beginner as well as the pen collector.

Some things to consider when buying a fountain pen gift:
Fill type Fountain pens can be filled with ink cartridges or bottle inks. Some pens only accept their brand of ink cartridge so to be safe buy the same brand cartridge as the pen. For bottle inks you can use other brands but some of the starter pens do not come with a way to use the bottle inks and you must also purchase a converter for the pen

Nib size The nib size is the size of the writing tip. The finer the tip the finer the line the pen writes and the less smooth it becomes. Japanese brands such as Pilot, Platinum, and Sailor tend to have finer nibs than other brands and you may want to order a wider tip. We do accept returns as long as the pen is not inked and in new condition.

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