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Standard Series (25ml)
available in 16 colors

Retail: $12.00i
Sale: $9.60
available in 12 colors

Retail: $15.00i
Sale: $12.75
Special Edition Safari
available in 2 colors

Retail: $20.00i
Sale: $16.00
Pearl Series (25ml)
available in 19 colors

Retail: $20.00i
Sale: $16.00
World Literature Collection 30ml
available in 25 colors

Retail: $22.00i
Sale: $17.60
Iroshizuku Bottled Ink(50ml)
available in 24 colors

Retail: $28.00i
Sale: $22.40
2 Pen + Ink Zipper
available in 10 colors

Retail: $29.99i
Sale: $23.99
available in 8 colors

Retail: $37.00i
Sale: $29.60
Special Edition SafariFREE Gift with purchase!
available in 6 colors

Retail: $37.00i
Sale: $29.60
The Red Planet(65ml + 15ml)
available in 5 colors

Retail: $38.00i
Sale: $30.40
4x4 Pen Cube
available in 9 colors

Retail: $44.99i
Sale: $35.99
Endura Deco Crest
available in 3 colors

Retail: $125.00i
Sale: $100.00
Satin Series Brush
available in 1 color

Retail: $120.00i
Sale: $102.00
Sapphire Grand
available in 4 colors

Retail: $160.00i
Sale: $128.00

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As the new year rolls around, many of you are always curious about which fountain pens got the most attention over the past year. So, we've pulled the best-selling fountain pens of 2022 together in one place for you to browse easily and at your leisure. Which of these top-selling fountain pens are already in your collection? Are there any fine writing instruments that have enjoyed the love of fountain pen fans around the world that you haven't tried yet? Why not? Discover 2022's best-selling fountain pens now:

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