Best Journaling Pens

Best Journaling Pens
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available in 7 colors

Retail: $6.00i
Our Price: $4.80
available in 12 colors

Retail: $14.30i
Our Price: $11.44
available in 12 colors

Retail: $22.00i
Our Price: $17.60
Classic Sport
available in 6 colors

Retail: $28.00i
Joy Calligraphy
available in 3 colors

Retail: $35.00i
Our Price: $28.00
available in 8 colors

Retail: $37.00i
Our Price: $29.60
available in 13 colors

Retail: $32.99i
available in 10 colors

Retail: $60.00i
Diamond Mini AL
available in 2 colors

Retail: $60.00i
available in 10 colors

Retail: $70.00i
Sapphire Grand
available in 4 colors

Retail: $160.00i
Our Price: $128.00
available in 19 colors

Retail: $235.00i
Our Price: $188.00
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Are you on the hunt for new pens for your next bullet journal? New to journaling and looking for the right journaling pens to get you started? Or looking for some fun and interesting new pens to get you excited about journaling again? You're in the perfect place! Check out our list of great journaling pens for your very first bullet journal or for the experienced journaler looking for something different to add to their collection of journaling pens. These are the best journaling pens, according to our customers (and avid journalers)!

Finding the best pens for journaling can be difficult; you could research for hours, stand and stare at displays in your local office supply or pen store, or dive deep into the online options. Regardless of how you go about it, all the choices can be overwhelming. And when it comes to starting a new journal, the most difficult part is finding the right supplies! No one wants to spend their money ordering a bunch of supplies they end up never using. So, set yourself up for success by jumping on a few pens that journalers love! Depending on the experience of journalers who have been in the game for years and years and try out some of their favorite journaling pens so you can get started on your bullet journal right away and make sure you're starting off with just the right pens!

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