Top 5 Best Cheap Fountain Pens

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MR Metropolitan
available in 14 colors

Retail: $29.99i
Sale: $23.99
available in 8 colors

Retail: $37.00i
Sale: $29.60
available in 12 colors

Retail: $22.00i
Sale: $17.60
Classic Sport
available in 6 colors

Retail: $28.00i
available in 7 colors

Retail: $6.00i
Sale: $4.80
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We have compiled a list of the Top 5 Best Cheap Fountain Pens we carry. This list is not just the lowest priced, cheapest fountain pens we carry but is based on the best value at a low price. Although these pens are inexpensive we also created this top 5 list based on customer reviews, quality and value.

1Pilot Metropolitan This pen tops the list because of the great value for the price. This pen is listed under $20 and is an excellent inexpensive starter pen. The Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen is well made with durable metal components and more importantly it writes well out of the box with rarely any issues.

2Lamy Safari The Lamy Safari fountain pen is a customer favorite. This inexpensive pen is anything but cheap. Made from sturdy plastic resin with a large metal clip and stainless steel nib. Customers like the Lamy Safari because of the quality and the ease of swapping nibs from one pen to another. With its low price point why not get one of each color!

3Platinum Plaisir There are many things that make the Platinum Plaisir a great inexpensive fountain pen. This Japanese pen comes with a metal barrel and the Platinum “Slip & Seal” cap to keep the pen fresh and ready to use longer. Platinum did not cut any corners with this cheap fountain pen.

4Kaweco Classic Sport This German pen is made with plastic resin and comes with a stainless steel nib. The Kaweco Classic Sport is ideal for carrying with you as an everyday carry pen. It also carries a low price tag making it an easy choice for our Top 5 Best Cheap Fountain Pens.

5Platinum Preppy The Platinum Preppy rounds off the list because of the cheap price but don’t let this low price tag fool you. The low price Platinum Preppy comes with the a “Slip & Seal” cap as well as the same nib and feed unit as the Platinum Plaisir fountain pen. The Preppy nibs and feeds can easily be used on the Platinum Plaisir pens as well. This cheap pen works great and is great for kids or anyone just wanting to try a fountain pen without spending much money.

Hopefully this list helps you choose your next cheap fountain pen.

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