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About American Writing Instruments

You can never go wrong purchasing and owning an American brand fine writing instrument. American pen companies are some of the most historic and important in the industry today.

American Made Pens

Very few American pen companies still manufacturer their pens themselves in the US. Franklin-Christoph is one such company still making their own pens in the United States with the same dedication to quality that has kept them in business for over 100 years.

Fisher Space Pens are made in USA just outside of Las Vegas. Their ballpoint pens come with a refill that is unmatched and can write upside down, underwater, through grease and in extreme temperatures. If you are looking for an American pen the Fisher Space Pen is one of the best.

American Pen Brands

Other companies are traditionally American but have outsourced their production elsewhere. Conklin, established in 1898 and Sheaffer Pen Company established in 1912 continue to be well respected today. These American pen brands are known for producing historic, innovative and quality fine writing instruments for over 100 years, all at a great value, including the iconic Sheaffer Ferrari collection and the historic Conklin Mark Twain Crescent Filler collection.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art pen company produces unique and inspiring pieces based upon historic priceless works of art. Although fairly new to the industry, established in 1978, Monteverde has become well know and well respected for producing high quality writing instruments at an exceptional value. Monteverde also has one of the most elaborate ink offerings (roller ball & ballpoint pen refills, Fountain pen bottled ink, fountain pen cartridges, etc.

Most of these no longer make their pens in the United States and out source them overseas. Brands such as Monteverde, Sheaffer, Conklin or Metropolitan Museum of Art are based in the United States, not all parts used in their pens are necessarily made in America. These American brands may import various parts or entire pens. We list them here because they are American owned companies. Buy pens from these American pen companies today at Pen Chalet.
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Brands Made in America:

We are proud to offer these American made pen brands:

Other American Companies:

We also carry these following American brands which are NOT made in America:

If you are looking for a different American pen brand not listed above please let us know.
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