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Pen Chalet Ink Rewards Just Got Better!

How could they possibly get better? I’m glad you asked because you’re right. The ink rewards program has always been a favorite around here. I mean…who doesn’t like to receive an email from their favorite pen retailer congratulating them on becoming a Nib Meister. Titles hold power, you know. They really do. But even though the rewards program was tons of fun and offered major opportunities to reward yourself for good Pen Chalet customer behavior, we did receive a number of good tips and suggestions throughout the years.

pen chalet ink rewards a fast and easy way to earn free stuffWhy Did the Pen Chalet Ink Drops Reward Program Change?

You asked. Are you surprised we listened? We do that…you didn’t know? We recognize a clever idea when we see one and since our customer base is just crammed full of savvy people, a good number of the suggestions and requests we receive about rewards program updates and changes are quite clever. We aren’t prone to ignoring good ideas (usually), so we took a few of the most frequently requested changes/suggestions for updating the rewards program, and we came up with a new and improved Pen Chalet Rewards Program.

What are the Changes with the New & Improved Pen Chalet Rewards Program?

  1. Apply your “Ink Drops” toward the purchase of a wider variety of items like pens, notebooks, or pen accessories. Rewards are no longer limited to ink.*
  2. Apply your “Ink Drops” towards more than one item. Under the previous rewards program set up, when you received a reward, you could apply it towards one item, but the new and improved rewards program allows you to apply the full $20 reward value toward more than one item, so it’s easier to use the full $20 and you never have to miss out on a single reward dollar again.

*A very limited number of products may be excluded from earning ink rewards and from benefitting from ink rewards purchase discounts per manufacturer requirements. We try to be very clear about which products cannot be included in the rewards program and other special sales and discounts, and keep the information updated on the ink rewards info page on the site. Please note that exclusions from the Pen Chalet Ink Rewards Program are due to the request of the product manufacturer and do not reflect any personal opinions or preferences of Pen Chalet or the Pen Chalet team. Manufacturers can choose to exclude their products from special promotions and discounts, and rewards programs are included in that category. 

When Does the New Pen Chalet Rewards Program Go into Effect?

The new Pen Chalet ink rewards program went into effect in July 2020. We emailed ink rewards members about the change, so if you’re already an ink rewards member with Pen Chalet, you probably already know everything we talked about today. You may have already taken the opportunity to receive an Ink Drops reward under the new program and apply it to one of your orders. If so, we hope you enjoyed it and love the new setup!

Not an Ink Rewards Member?

But if you aren’t a Pen Chalet Rewards Program member, you should definitely consider joining. It’s now more beneficial than ever.