Bridgerton Pen Guides: Regency Writes Edition

Bridgertons Pen Guide: Which Pens Would the Bridgertons Use?

Bridgerton Pen Guide: Regency Writes Pen Chalet Pen Flicks Pen Guides

Go on a promenade through our latest Pen Flicks Pen Guide (Pen Chalet’s series of pen guides assigning iconic pens for your favorite iconic characters in today’s pop culture). For today’s pen guide release, the Pen Chalet “Bridgertons” Pen Guide, ask yourself this pressing question: “If the Bridgertons were pens, which pens would each of them be?” After you’ve pondered this puzzler for a minute or two (or ten), read our full Bridgertons Pen Guide to discover our answers to this scintillating question.

May 2024 Pen Flicks Pen Guide: Bridgertons and Pens!

Welcome to our exciting new series, where the glamour of pop culture meets the elegance of luxury pens! In each guide, we dive into popular films, shows, and books to answer a fun yet intriguing question: if the characters were luxury pens and ink combinations, which ones would they be? This series shared across our social media channels and on the Pen Chalet website, combines the flair of beloved characters with the sophistication of our finest writing instruments. Join in the fun as we explore how the personalities and styles of characters translate into the art of pens and inks. Today’s edition of Pen Chalet’s Pen Flicks Pen Guide will focus on iconic characters from the American historical romance Netflix TV series, Bridgertons (created by Chris Van Dusen), based on the book series written by Julia Quinn. Quinn’s original series included eight Regency romance novels published between 2000 and 2006. The Netflix series based on the books is releasing the third season this month, May 2024.

Bridgertons Pen Guide: Regency Writes

Which pens would the Bridgertons use if they chose one luxury pen?
Credit: Entertainment Weekly, Promo for the release of Netflix’s Bridgerton Season 3, May 16, 2024.

In eager anticipation of the release of Season 3 of Netflix’s Bridgerton, we put together today’s special edition of our pen guide series, “Bridgertons Pen Guide: Regency Writes.” In this guide, we match the vibrant and diverse characters of Bridgerton with luxury pens that echo their distinct personalities and styles. From the bold and commanding presence of Lady Danbury to the intricate and subtle charm of Eloise Bridgerton, discover which luxury pens and inks we believe are their perfect counterparts. Immerse yourself in the world of Regency London through the lens of exquisite writing instruments. Now, on to the good stuff: if the Bridgertons were pens, which pens would they be? Read our answers below and find out which pens we think best suit each of the characters in the popular series.

If the Bridgertons Were Pens, Which Luxury Pens Would They Be?

Bridgerton Pen Guide - matching luxury pens to pop culture stars and characters from the Bridgertons
Which Bridgerton character do you think we picked for the Magna Carta 600 Clear Demo fountain pen?
Bridgerton Pen Guide: Pen Chalet Pen Flicks Pen Guides, Regency Edition, May 2024.

DaphneBridgerton: Magna Carta Mag 600 Demo Fountain Pen

Daphne Bridgerton would be the Magna Carta 600 Clear Demo fountain pen.

Quickly chosen by the Queen as the Season’s “Diamond,” Daphne seems to exude clarity and light as she gracefully glides through the Ton’s complex social waters, just as the Magna Carta Mag 600 Demo fountain pen‘s transparent qualities and gold flex nib offer a pure writing experience with straightforward charm.

Simon: Magna Carta Mag 1000 Twilight Fountain Pen

Magna Carta Mag 1000 Twilight fountain pen for Simon Basset, Duke of Hastings.

Simon’s deep and mysterious persona is much like the twilight captured in the Mag 1000 Twilight‘s shifting colors and elegant finish, while the oversized pen’s powerful silhouette and large #10 size nib reflect the Duke of Hasting’s intimidating, dashing status as one of London’s most eligible bachelors.

Magna Carta Mag 1000 Twilight fountain pen nib

Anthony: Diplomat Aero Stripes Oxyd Brass Fountain Pen

Diplomat Aero Oxyd Brass fountain pen for Anthony in the Bridgerton Pen Guide.

Robust and reliable with a touch of old-world charm, the Diplomat Aero Stripes Oxyd Brass fountain pen mirrors Anthony’s strong, protective nature and his position as the family’s pillar.

Kate: Benu Viper Fountain Pen

Bridgerton Pen Guide: Kate Sharma is the Benu Mangrove Viper Fountain Pen

The Benu Mangrove Viper fountain pen, bold and striking, symbolizes Kate’s fierce independence and the vibrant spirit that makes her different from any of the other ladies in the Ton.

Edwina: Pilot Custom 823 Clear Demo Fountain Pen

PIlot Custom 823 Clear Demo

Edwina’s transparency and sincerity, coupled with her high ambitions, are echoed in the Pilot Custom 823 Clear Demo fountain pen‘s clear and elegant design.

Penelope: Pineider Avatar UR Mini Fountain Pen

Bridgerton Pen Guide: Penelope Featherington is the Pineider Avatar UR Mini Red Blue Solidate fountain pen

The Pineider Avatar UR Mini fountain pen‘s small but mighty presence reflects Penelope’s underestimated cleverness and the hidden depth of her character as Lady Whistledown.

Eloise: Kaweco Collection AL Sport Ruby Red Fountain Pen

Kaweco Special Edition AL Sport Ruby Red fountan pen

Eloise’s fiery passion for women’s education and independence shines through in this Special Edition Kaweco AL Sport pen’s bold ruby-red color and aluminum body, representing her vibrant, strong, rebellious spirit.

Queen Charlotte: Ikkaku Exclusive Sunburst Fountain Pen

Ikkaku Exclusive Sunburst fountain pen

Just like Queen Charlotte, the Ikkaku Exclusive Sunburst fountain pen stands out with its regal and radiant design, a true symbol of authority and high status. The exclusive nature of the pen (limited to only 12 in the world) reflects how unique her character is in the Bridgerton world.

Lady Danbury: Leonardo Galattica Universe Fountain Pen

Leonardo Galattica Universe fountain pen

Holding the depths of the vast, mysterious universe in its resin, the Leonardo Galattica Universe fountain pen parallels Lady Danbury’s wise, commanding presence, filled with stories, guidance, and a fearless sense of adventure.

Violet Bridgerton: Visconti Il Magnifico Calacatta Gold Fountain Pen

Visconti Il Magnifico Calacatta Gold Fountain Pen

Elegant, luxurious, resilient, and one of a kind, the Visconti Il Magnifico Calcatta Gold fountain pen‘s precious white marble with gold nuances paired with luxurious gold accents mirrors Violet’s enduring grace and her central role as the family matriarch.

Visconti Il Magnifico Calacatta Gold Fountain Pen: Chosen for Violet Bridgerton for the Bridgerton Pen Guide with Pen Chalet.

Colin Bridgerton: Delta Spaccanapoli Fountain Pen

Colin is the Delta Spaccanapoli D'Angio' fountain pen

Much like Colin’s adventurous spirit, charm, and zest for travel and exploration, the Delta Spaccanapoli D’Angio’ fountain pen is as dynamic and spirited as Colin’s own storied journeys. Perfect for a traveler seeking inspiration in every corner of the world while jotting down adventurous tales.

Benedict Bridgerton: Waldmann Précieux Fountain Pen

Bridgerton Pen Guide: Benedict is the Waldmann Precieux fountain pen.

Reflecting Benedict’s artistic soul and the depth of his quiet introspection, the Waldmann Précieux fountain pen represents both luxury and Benedict’s non-conformist approach to life.

Bridgerton Pen Guide: Benedict is the Waldmann Precieux fountain pen.

Regency Writes: Assigning Luxury Pens to the Characters of Bridgerton

Bridgertons Season 3 was released today. Have you seen it yet? Make sure to check in with your own opinions on which pens the Bridgertons would be if they were luxury pens. And also drop a comment if you have a request for characters that just HAVE to be added to the list.

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