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modern luxury writing pens

Modern Luxury Writing Pens: Fountain Pen’s Evolution

Today's modern luxury writing pens come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and brands. There are different types of pens (fountain pens, rollerballs, ballpoints, and dip pens), different sizes (of pens, of nibs, of refills, etc.), different materials (metal, wood, resin, abalone shell, etc.), and different purposes (calligraphy pens, long form writing pens, artists' pens, sketching

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2022 Changes to the Pelikan Souverän Pens

Did you hear? 2022 is bringing changes to the Pelikan Souverän pens, one of the most popular pen designs from well known Pelikan Pens. So, if you are a Pelikan Souverän fountain pen or rollerball pen fan, you might appreciate a bit of a warning that the company announced in early 2022 that they will

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Your Favorite Online Pen Retailer is Getting a New Name for 2022

Hold on to your pens! We're shaking things up - and we know some of you really don't like to be shaken. Your favorite online pen retailer is celebrating...a new name and a new look for 2022! Are You Holding On to Your Pens? Pen Chalet is Now Pen Chateau That's right, Pen Chalet is

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pineider avatar ur black edition review

Pineider Avatar UR Black Edition Fountain Pen Review with Inky Rick

Today we have a Pineider Avatar UR Black Edition fountain pen review with one of our guest reviewers, Inky Rick. You've met Inky Rick before. He recently reviewed a few of the new Taccia Ukiyo-e 2nd Version fountain pen inks for us. But today, he's taking a look at one of the newest pens out

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