pineider avatar ur black edition review

Pineider Avatar UR Black Edition Fountain Pen Review with Inky Rick

Today we have a Pineider Avatar UR Black Edition fountain pen review with one of our guest reviewers, Inky Rick. You’ve met Inky Rick before. He recently reviewed a few of the new Taccia Ukiyo-e 2nd Version fountain pen inks for us. But today, he’s taking a look at one of the newest pens out from Pineider.

pineider avatar ur black edition review
Pineider Avatar UR Black Edition Wine Red fountain pen, uncapped. // Photo Credit: InkyRick, @inky_inspirations

A Little Bit About the Pen Maker: Pineider Pens

Italian Francesco Pineider first opened Pineider as a stationery store in 1774. The 1st store was located in the heart of Florence near Michelangelo’s David. Since its inception, Pineider has applied traditional Italian methods in the production of exclusive stationery and hand-dyed papers.

The Pineider brand has long been known for their fine stationery. For over two centuries, the Pineider company has been the epitome of uniqueness and style because of their methods and quality. From hand made boxes, hand colored bordered paper, and embossed papers, the Pineider company creates the best in exclusive stationery goods.

Not only does Pineider create the best in stationery, they also manufacturer fine writing instruments. Each Pineider pen is crafted in Italy with the utmost in care and craftsmanship, making them the perfect match to Pineider’s historically incomparable stationery.

Let’s Hear from Today’s Guest Reviewer: Inky Rick on the Pineider Avatar UR Black Edition Fountain Pen

“When Pen Chalet asked me to review this pen, I was thrilled. I’d been looking at
it online almost daily since it was released, but I hadn’t decided if I’d really like
the black trim, stealth design, and had never tried a Pineider.

InkyRick’s First Impressions of the Pineider Avatar UR Black Edition:

When the pen arrived, I was immediately impressed with the simple, but very
sophisticated, all-black, recyclable cardboard presentation box. Inside is an
information booklet, a standard international converter, and the pen – elegant
without being wasteful.

The Material & Overall Pen Design:

The Avatar UR Black Edition comes in four transparent colors and a clear
demonstrator. I received the Wine Red, and the rich, dark red looks fantastic
with the glossy black trim. When I picked it up, my first thought was how
substantial the material felt. Pineider’s “unbreakable” UltraResin feels very sturdy,
and it’s somehow both warm and cool in the hand. The bottom finial, step
band, section, and the graceful quill clip are all a gorgeous, very glossy finish. I’d
call it more a dark graphite grey than a black. The cap band is textured with a nice engraving. The black nib is engraved, as well, and completes the blacked-
out style.

Writing Experience: Pineider Avatar UR Black Edition Review

pineider avatar ur black edition review writing sample
Pineider Avatar UR Black Edition Wine Red fountain pen, writing sample. // Photo Credit: InkyRick, @inky_inspirations

The beautiful, black, Bock no.6 nib seems to protrude from the section slightly
more than normal, giving the pen a really appealing visual feel. The graceful curve of the section is very different from the original Avatar, and it’s extremely comfortable to grip. The pen posts securely, but even in my fairly large hands, I’ve never felt the need. The magnetic cap closure closes confidently with a very pleasing “thwap!” There is decent step up to the barrel where the magnets connect, but it doesn’t burden my grip in any way. Out-of-the-box, the pen wrote nicely, with no skips or hard starts. It’s a classic Bock writer.

Final Thoughts on Pineider’s Pineider Avatar UR Black Edition Fountain Pen:

I really like this pen! The ratio of body to nib size is magical, and this pen loves to
write! After two weeks of constant, hard use, my section remains flawless. I’m not testing the unbreakable claim, but the cap and body don’t show any scratches
at all. I’m impressed! The Avatar UR Black Edition is a beautiful blend of modern and sophisticated. I don’t want all of my pens to be all-blacks, but I’m so happy to have this one. It’s a great writer, and I can’t take my eyes off it! Special thanks to @penchalet for sending this pen for review. Pen Chalet offers it in extra fine, fine, and medium for $126.40, and I think this pen is worth every penny! –InkyRick @Inky_Inspirations