Your Favorite Online Pen Retailer is Getting a New Name for 2022

Hold on to your pens! We’re shaking things up – and we know some of you really don’t like to be shaken. Your favorite online pen retailer is celebrating…a new name and a new look for 2022!

Are You Holding On to Your Pens? Pen Chalet is Now Pen Chateau

pen chalet is now pen chateau your favorite online pen retailer has a new name

That’s right, Pen Chalet is changing its name. As of today, Pen Chalet is now Pen Chateau. With everything going on over the past few years, we decided that 2022 needed to be the year we took action and cut out some of the unnecessary stress. And a vast number of you find the “chalet” portion of our name very stressful. We’re constantly receiving feedback that you aren’t sure what it means, you don’t remember how to pronounce it, or you find yourself attempting to skirt around it by not saying the company name out loud at all.

From Pen Chalet to Pen Chateau: Still a Great Home for Pens

If you know how to pronounce the word Chalet, and what it means, you can consider yourself thoroughly applauded. The fact of the matter is that we’ve lost count over the years of how many people have no idea how to pronounce the company name or what “chalet” means. For those of you who don’t know:

Chalet (sha-ley, shal-ey) meaning any cottage, house, ski lodge, etc. built in the style of a type of farmhouse, low and with wide eaves, common in Alpine regions. Origin referenced a herdsman’s hut in the Swiss Alps.

We brainstormed. We deliberated. We came to a decision. And we feel confident that the change from Pen Chalet to Pen Chateau will significantly decrease the stress for those who find themselves floundering to pronounce an unfamiliar word. At the same time switching from Chalet to Chateau means we’re still creating the idea of an excellent, cozy “home” for pens! Problem solved, plus our new logo has a portcullis, so that’s a bonus!

The New Pen Chateau Logo: What’s Different

your favorite online pen retailer has a new name for april fools day 2022

The new Pen Chateau logo still features the same colors as the original Pen Chalet logo (black, deep mustard yellow, and white). You’ll also recognize the classic gold nib (in the mustard yellow), in the black “section.” The original logo showed slight alterations to the nib to add a “roofline” and 2 windows indicating the fountain pen nib doubled as a chalet. The new Pen Chateau logo features slight alterations to include a more stately facade on the logo’s “nib” indicative of the chateau rather than the chalet as well as a portcullis dropping down from the black “section.” But we’re still basically the same – your favorite online pen retailer, same as always.

When Will You Start Seeing your Favorite Online Pen Retailer’s New Stickers?

Many of you are now wondering when you should expect to see the new Pen Chateau logo featured across the website, social media, and the stickers that go out with orders. The answer is NOW! And by now I mean today. And by today I mean April 1st. That’s right, today is April 1st, 2022. And just so we’re very clear, you’ll only be seeing the new Pen Chateau stickers for a very limited time since we aren’t actually changing our name, or logo or anything about our company’s look or brand – at all. It was all a bit of fun we created for you to make your April Fool’s Day 2022 special.

Happy April Fools Day 2022 from Pen Chalet (a.k.a. Pen Chateau):

your favorite online pen retailer has a new name for april fools 2022
Pen featured here along here along with Pen Chalet’s April Fool’s Day 2022 “new name” sticker is the Conklin Endura

That’s right, today is actually the 1st day of the amazing month of April, and this is our version of the traditional April Fool’s joke. But you know us. We love you. We’d never play a joke ON you – we consider this FOR you – and we’re even including a limited edition Pen Chateau sticker with every order placed today (while supplies last) and offering you stellar sales on some outstanding pens and inks and writing accessories (check out the Special Chateau Sale for discounts up to 60% and an exclusive discount code). ONE lucky April Fool’s Day buyer will be randomly selected to win the April Fool’s Day giveaway prize raffle-style at the end of the day. (We’ll announce the winner on 4/2/2022 to avoid any confusion since the giveaway is NOT an April Fool’s Day prank and we wouldn’t want the winner to get confused and miss out on their prize because they assumed we were messing with them).

Enjoy Working with Pen Chateau, Pen Chalet Will be Back Tomorrow!

We hope you enjoyed the “renaming” as much as we did. And happy April Fool’s Day – we hope it’s utterly pentastic. May you always find all the pens and fountain pen inks you’ve been dreaming of right here at

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Arthur Ticknor
1 year ago

I despair. People don’t know how to pronounce chalet? They can’t handle learning a new word? You have to dumb down in order to do business? How is chalet any more familiar to poorly educated Americans than chateau? Why not just be Pen Shack to cater to that clientele?

Arthur Ticknor
1 year ago

Oh. I didn’t see that there was anything below the photo. Guess this is what I get for being too arrogant.

Good one!

1 year ago

This is a great relief. For anyone still unsure how to pronounce Pen Chateau’s new name, just remember it rhymes with portmanteaux. Easy memory jogger!

Dan Workman
1 year ago

Loved the wind-up!!

1 year ago

I fell for it . . . .

1 year ago

Hahaha!!! Love it!!!! “Got a lil chateau, 21 rooms but one will do”

Janice in GA
1 year ago

LOL, some of us are still referring to you as Pen Shallot! 😀

Larry Penner
1 year ago

I’m a bit skeptical.

Those who stress over “chalet” are quite likely to stress over “chateau.”
Nevertheless I applaud your effort.

1 year ago

My first reaction was disappointment: aren’t the bars lowered enough already? Are we really at the point where we must accommodate those few who don’t know what a chalet is?

Glad to see you’re just pranking us! Happy April 1!

Chris Martinelli
1 year ago

Phew! That was scary! And the new logo seems more like Pen Circus Tent! Thanks for the chuckle.

J. Michael Click
1 year ago

Exactly who thought of changing the name to Pen Chateau? (CHAT-ooh) Was it that evil Pen Shelley woman who tricked me last year?

Pluma de Fuente
1 year ago

Please give a raise for your graphic designer and April Fools Team. LOL!

Jeff Huffman
1 year ago

This is one of the best I’ve ever been a part of. I swallowed it hook, line and sinker! Fantastic job guys! I was just thinking to myself, how could you have so many ignorant customers that can’t pronounce Chalet? How in the world will they get Chateau? LOL… Anyway, here’s to another wonderful year of amazing Pen Chalet, aka Chateau, lol. Awesome job guys and gals. Have a happy April. I’m honestly looking forward to what you do next year!!!
Jeff in SC.