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Modern Luxury Writing Pens: Fountain Pen’s Evolution

Today’s modern luxury writing pens come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and brands. There are different types of pens (fountain pens, rollerballs, ballpoints, and dip pens), different sizes (of pens, of nibs, of refills, etc.), different materials (metal, wood, resin, abalone shell, etc.), and different purposes (calligraphy pens, long form writing pens, artists’ pens, sketching pens, flex pens, etc.). So defining today’s modern luxury writing pens is not as easy as you may expect. It’s best to begin with a history.

Tracing Modern Luxury Writing Pens through Time:

the evolution of the fountain pen modern luxury pens

The Early Days: Creation of the Reed Pen

The earliest form of a writing pen has been traced back to Egyptian scribes around 3,000 BCE. When humans discovered papyrus, the need for a pen quickly arose. Bamboo (and other similar materials discoverable in the region’s plant life) were used to deliver ink to the “page.” What we refer to as the Reed Pen was made from a single piece of reed pointed into a square and split at the point. Scribes would dip the reed pen into an ink and it would retain some ink in the split made in the point.

Modern Luxury Writing Pens: Discovering the Fountain Pen

In the 6th century, the quill pen took the floor – it was more flexible and lasted longer than the reed pens of the past. Quill pens remained the pen of choice until machine-made steel tip pens (dip pens) were developed in 1822. People quickly became frustrated with dipping their pen frequently, so the first was seen only 5 years later. The 1st fountain pen was flawed and never perfected, but in 1884, Lewis Edson Waterman patented the three-channel ink feed fountain pen that became the predecessor of the beautiful modern luxury writing pens we know today.

modern luxury writing pens
Shown in Image: Aurora 888 Blue Mamba limited edition fountain pen.

Creating Today’s Writing Pens: an Art and a Science

The development of modern luxury writing pens is both an art and a science. You can see the art in the extraordinary craftsmanship, exquisite design, and delightfully creative innovations. But at its very heart, the pen is a functional piece and depends on ingenious designs, and even more ingenious designers who can not only embrace the art, but incorporate cutting edge developments that continue to elevate the art of writing and the enjoyment of the analog writing experience. The evolution of of the pen began long ago, and it continues. We love seeing new technologies, and exciting releases that break the norm and create new rules. Whether it be a new filling system that makes traveling with your fountain pen much more carefree (thank you Visconti Double Reservoir Power Filler) or inks that enable you to worry less about capping your pen before setting it aside for a moment (just acknowledging your genius Private Reserve Infinity inks), there’s always a new product breaking through the boundaries of what we thought was possible.

modern luxury writing pens
Featured in Image: Namiki Tanuki Limited Edition fountain pen.

Shopping Modern Luxury Writing Pens:

When you’re looking for modern luxury fountain pens, we now have so many options. We get to pick what color we like best, what type of material we want, which nib size suits our handwriting, and what/where it’s made, and so much more. When it comes to analog writing experiences, aren’t we the lucky ones? No one in all of history has ever had the choices we have – the sheer number of options we have at our disposal. Let’s enjoy it, shall we? Shop for your fountain pens, rollerballs, ballpoint pens, and more at