Pen Chalet has a new name for 2024, Pen Sorbet!

Luxury Pens & Inks Galore Now from Pen Sorbet!

We’re excited to unveil our sweetest transformation yet: Pen Chalet is becoming Pen Sorbet! Dive into a world where luxury writing instruments are served up with a scoop of fun. From the most succulent fountain pens to the most flavorful inks, Pen Sorbet is your destination for a refreshing variety that will satisfy your writing cravings. Don’t miss out on our delectable selection—Pen Sorbet has all the best ‘scoops’ this season!

Unveiling the Sweetest Transformation of All: Pen Chalet is Now Pen Sorbet

Big news – Pen Chalet is now Pen Sorbet! It’s the sweetest of all updates, and we’ve still got the luxury pens and inks you love. With Spring in full swing, it just felt like time for a change around here, so we decided we’d give your favorite online shop a refresh!

Why the Name Change? What’s Wrong with Pen Chalet?

Pen Chalet changes its name to Pen Sorbet in 2024. Buy your luxury pens and inks from your favorite retailer.
Remembering our name was hard for you. Pen, not so much, but Chalet…

We’ve decided to take a fresh, flavorful twist on our brand identity, transitioning from Pen Chalet to Pen Sorbet. Let’s face it, “Chalet” has been tripping up tongues and spelling skills for years, and we believe in reducing stress, not adding to it—especially when shopping for your favorite fine writing instruments. Plus, with our roots deeply embedded in the sunny, scorching climes of Phoenix, AZ, the thought of cooling off with a delightful sorbet resonated with us on a spiritual level. Imagine the burst of creativity and chill vibes you’d get from a brand that promises the smoothness of a fine pen and the refreshing zest of sorbet. Pen Sorbet: where every stroke of the pen is as satisfying as a spoonful of your favorite frozen treat—because why should writing be anything less than delectable?

From Pen Chalet to Pen Sorbet: Still Your Top Notch Luxury Pens & Inks Go To

Transitioning from Pen Chalet to Pen Sorbet, we assure you that our essence remains untouched: we’re still the premier destination for pen enthusiasts, collectors, and artists alike. Our commitment to providing an unparalleled selection of fine writing instruments and accessories hasn’t melted away with our playful rebranding. In fact, think of Pen Sorbet as Pen Chalet with a twist of lemon—refreshing, zesty, and always invigorating your writing experience. The shelves of Pen Sorbet are stocked with the same top-tier brands, rare finds, and ink-tastic delights you’ve come to love, only now, they’re served with an extra scoop of fun. So, while our name might suggest a shift to serving dessert, rest assured, our main course remains pens, inks, and everything that makes the writing journey extraordinary.

The New Pen Sorbet Logo: What’s Different

Pen Chalet has a new name for 2024, Pen Sorbet! Check out the new Pen Sorbet logo.

Introducing the new face of Pen Sorbet: where the elegance of fine writing meets the whimsy of your favorite summer treat. At first glance, you’ll notice our logo has undergone a delightful transformation, featuring an upside-down sorbet cone. But look closer, and you’ll see the cone is no ordinary cone—it’s intricately designed to mimic the beloved fountain pen nib, symbolizing our seamless blend of fun and finesse. This playful yet sophisticated new emblem represents our commitment to sparking joy and creativity in our community, reminding everyone that the art of writing can be as refreshing and enjoyable as a scoop of sorbet on a hot day. Whether you’re sticking this new logo on your laptop, notebook, or pen display, it’s a reminder that Pen Sorbet is your go-to source for everything extraordinary in the world of pens—with a cherry on top.

When Will You Start Seeing Your Favorite Online Pen Retailer’s New Stickers?

Many of you may be eagerly anticipating the rollout of the Pen Sorbet rebranding across our website, social media channels, and those delightful stickers included with every order. Well, the moment has arrived! And by “the moment,” we mean this very day. And by “this very day,” we’re pointing directly at April 1st. Yes, that’s right, today is April 1st, 2024. To set the record straight, the Pen Sorbet stickers will be a rare collectible, as we aren’t really undergoing a name change, logo switch-up, or any alterations to our brand’s essence. This entire escapade was concocted as a light-hearted jest to add a little extra flavor to your April Fool’s Day 2024 celebration.


Happy April Fools Day 2024 from Pen Chalet (a.k.a. Pen Sorbet):

The April Fools Day 2024 Sticker Pen Sorbet
Order on April Fools Day 2024, and get your own Pen Sorbet sticker to add to your collection.

Yes, it’s April 1st, 2024, and in true Pen Chalet fashion, we’re celebrating April Fool’s Day with a twist that’s all for you. This year, every order of luxury pens & inks today snags a collectible Pen Sorbet sticker (grab them while you can!) and unlocks access to our April Fool’s Sale—dive into discounts of up to 60% on select pens, inks, and accessories.

Enjoy Working with Pen Sorbet, Pen Chalet Will be Back Tomorrow

We trust you found the “rebranding” to Pen Sorbet as refreshingly fun as we did. Wishing you a fantastically pen-tastic April Fool’s Day 2024! Here’s to discovering all your dream pens and fountain pen inks at, where the spirit of writing meets endless delight.

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1 month ago

I’ll get a peach sorbet please! Like the new name!

1 month ago

New name, new thing. I want a peach sorbet!!

1 month ago

Very funny. April Fool!