Parafernalia Pen Company

Introducing the Parafernalia Pen Company

New to Pen Chalet for 2016 is the Parafernalia Pen Company based out of Milanese Italy where they make their pens! We are excited about this new Italian pen brand and their design and writing innovation.

Parafernalia Revolution Ballpoint Pen

Parafernalia Revolution Ballpoint Pen

Parafernalia and their Italian designers have created some unique and interesting writing instruments over the last few decades including the instant classic Parafernalia Revolution ballpoint pen. This pen has a very unique triangular barrel made from three aluminum rods attached at each end of the pen and a hollow center. You can see the floating refill inside the pen! Choose from several great anodized aluminum colors. Designs like the Revolution have set the Parafernalia Pen Company apart.

The Parafernalia Pen Company has several designers including Sergio Carpani who with Parafernalia rebuilt the styling of writing instruments and accessories. Other designers include Giulio Iacchetti, Albert Ebenbichler, Federico Angi, Claudio Lopasso. They have also worked with the ATODesign team composed of project managers, graphic designers, illustrators and more.

Based on innovation, originality and “Made in Italy” have become the motto of the Parafernalia Pen Company. They continue to create stylish and modern writing instruments with Italian functionality using the most advanced technologies. With the objective to return to the original philosophy – meeting point for ideas in design, they continue to impress. Try a Parafernalia pen and begin the voyage in Italian design.