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Introducing the New Visconti Manhattan Magma Pen Collection

New for 2016 is the Visconti Manhattan Magma pen collection. This limited edition pen is inspired by New York City and it’s predecessor pens, the original Visconti Manhattan, created in 1994, and the Wall Street in 2003. New York has always been a fountain of inspiration for Visconti and is the key to motivating this latest pen release available in late April of 2016.

Visconti Manhattan Magma Pen Collection

Visconti Manhattan Magma Pen Collection

20 plus years after the release of the original Manhattan, Visconti has given the pen a makeover with refined forms and a more stylistic design. Like the original Manhattan the Visconti Manhattan Magma version has a classic design with a new freshness from intricate repeated patterns on all of the palladium plated trim sections. The cap and barrel are created from a black and orange variegated resin resembling volcanic magma, another symbol of Visconti. With this type of resin material each pen has it’s own unique design and pattern making no two pens the same.

This limited edition model comes in 3 writing types, fountain pen, capped rollerball pen and twist action ballpoint pen with the production limited to only 500 of each type. Each pen comes with the traditional Visconti arch shaped, spring loaded clip for ease of use when pocketing the pen. Both the rollerball and the fountain pen models feature a screw on cap lock system. The Visconti Manhattan Magma fountain pen comes with a Visconti high vacuum Power Filler and a 23kt palladium Dreamtouch nib in your choice of extra fine, fine, medium or broad.

Visconti Manhattan Magma Pen Models

Choose from one of the following models to fit your writing styles or get one of each to make a matching set. Listed below are the suggested retail of each pen. Add the items to the shopping cart to see the “Pen Chalet” special pricing. Act now to ensure you don’y miss out on this exclusive pen from Visconti!