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Introducing the Pelikan 205 Blue Marbled Pen Collection

Pelikan has reintroduced the Pelikan 205 Blue Marbled pen collection for 2016. The 205 series is back and brighter than ever than before!

Pelikan 205 Blue Marbled Fountain Pen

Pelikan 205 Blue Marbled Fountain Pen

The Pelikan 205 Blue Marbled has a stunning blue barrel with a fascinating mix of shades that creates a deep, rich mixture of color. As with all 05 lines, the Pelikan 205 Blue Marbled is finished with silver rings and trim.

This special edition pen comes as both the Pelikan 205 Blue Marbled fountain pen or a ballpoint pen. The blue marbled ballpoint pen is a twist action style pen and the fountain pen is fitted with a silver color stainless steel nib to match the trim. Choose from extra fine, fine, medium, or broad nib sizes. The fountain pen uses bottled fountain pen inks with the Pelikan piston filling system they are so well known for.

This gorgeous blue fountain pen is a must have for any Pelikan pen collector. Like all special edition pen, the Pelikan 205 Blue Marbled is only available for a short time while supplies are available. We are now currently taking pre-orders for the pen but they should be in stock and ready to ship some time in September. Don’t miss out on this fantastic Pelikan pen!

A perfect pairing for the Pelikan 205 Blue Marbled pen collection is the Pelikan Edelstein ink in the blue Topaz color. Pickup a bottle of this outstanding fountain pen ink from Pelikan to match your new Pelikan 205 Blue Marbled pen.