Noodler's Ink

Introducing Noodler’s Ink

Noodler's InkPen Chalet would like to announce that we are now pleased to be carrying Noodler’s Ink! Noodler’s is well know and beloved by pen aficionados, beginners and even conservationists alike. Noodler’s ink has been well known for its no-nonsense approach to creating a sensible, economic alternative to fountain pen ink purchases.

Getting to know Noodler’s Ink:

If you don’t know Noodler’s ink, there is a lot to this fascinating company and its ink products. First, you will not be able to purchase your favorite Noodler’s ink in a cartridge as they only produce bottle ink. Noodler’s Ink feels this is the only sensible way to fill your fountain pen or speed/ink ball pens, which will save you money and help the environment by avoiding additional plastic in landfills, as a fountain pen with a cartridges suddenly makes your non-disposable pen, partially disposable.

Noodler's Ink Bottle

Noodler’s Ink Bottle in the color Antietam

Noodler’s Ink is 100% made in the United States. They use standard industrial bottle and caps, which are no-frills, but purpose is to not become dependent on any one manufacturer in their production, who could raise prices on a whim, thereby allowing Noodler’s Ink to avoid passing down unnecessary price increases to its customers on the bottle, rather than the ink. Noodler’s Ink view their product as the ink, rather than the bottle or other packaging materials. In fact, Noodler’s Ink uses its own variety of Noodler’s Ink in its packaging, thus not wasting money on outside printers. The Noodler’s Ink box is always made of recycled materials and is again an industry standard size.

Other cool facts about Noodler’s Ink. Be careful when you open your next favorite color of Noodler’s Ink as it will be absolutely full to the max! Noodler’s Ink will never cheat you out of even a drop of ink, so beware and open your next new bottle slowly on a flat surface. Noodler’s Ink literally gives you a 100 choices of amazing, unique high quality ink options for your fountain pen. However you need to understand how Noodler’s Ink work and the meaning in the names:

  1. Polar Ink: Although Pen Chalet is based in Mesa, Arizona, which enjoys an amazing mild winter year in and year out, many of you live in cold winter locations. Noodler’s “Polar” inks are freeze resistant inks (as opposed to freeze proof), which means that such inks are made to withstand freezing temperatures when being shipped or used in cold winter conditions. Noodler’s Polar inks are also considered “bulletproof” as described below. The Noodler’s Polar Black, Polar Blue and Polar Brown are popular varieties of these Polar inks.
  2. Bulletproof Ink: A Noodler’s Ink color with the word Bulletproof in it means that it’s has been specially formulated to be permanent with the ability to resist any forging chemicals such as bleaches, cleaners, UV light and other solvents. Bulletproof ink is also waterproof, if used with cellulose based paper. However, not all bulletproof ink has the same effect as others, with the blacks and blues holding the most bulletproof qualities and come of the colors (green, purple, brown and red) holding slightly less.
  3. Eternal Ink: A Noodler’s “eternal” ink refers to the ink’s characteristic of being able to resist the effects of time. Time, usually diminishes an ink’s color due to light, exposure, humidity, moisture, etc. Therefore, your Noodler’s Eternal Ink colors will enable your written word to last indefinitely.
  4. Eel Ink: Noodler’s Eel inks were primarily designed for use with piston filling system fountain pens, such as Pelikan, and Omas fountain pens. Piston filled fountain pens require the piston to be lubed from time to time, to maintain its smooth ink flow. Noodler’s Eel Ink contains a lubricant in its ink, which enables you not to have to lube your piston filled fountain pens.
      As you can see, Pen Chalet is extremely excited about being able to now carry Noodler’s Ink. We are an authorized dealer of all Noodler’s products. Please check periodically for new Noodler’s products as we continue to add to our Noodler’s page.