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Top 10 Bestselling Inks of 2021

Take a look at the top 10 bestselling inks of 2021! Do you find yourself agreeing with the choices your fellow ink friends made last year? Which inks that made the Top 10 already have your love? Are there any on the list you feel aren’t worthy of the honor? Which inks have you been meaning to try and why?

Watch Countdown of Pen Chalet’s Top 10 Bestselling Inks of 2021:

Get a quick look at each of the inks that made it on this year’s Top 10 Bestselling Inks list in our YouTube #Shorts feature:

Bestselling Inks of 2021: Top 10 Inks

The inks that made our Top 10 Bestselling Inks of 2021 list were the 10 we ( sold in the highest quantity last year with #1 being the top best seller.

  1. Diamine 2021 Inkvent Calendar (sold out)
  2. Private Reserve Limited Edition 2 Minutes to Midnight (sold out)
  3. Robert Oster Pen Chalet Exclusive Monsoon Sky
  4. Pelikan Edelstein Ink of the Year 2021 Golden Beryl
  5. Robert Oster Pen Chalet Exclusive Antelope Canyon
  6. Diamine Writer’s Blood ink (available as a 30ml ink or 80ml ink)
  7. Robert Oster Pen Chalet Exclusive Sedona Red
  8. Lamy Special Edition Turmaline (sold out)
  9. Robert Oster Pen Chalet Exclusive Saguaro Green
  10. Sailor Manyo Haha

Bestselling Inks of 2021 that We Can’t Get For You Anymore:

Diamine 2021 Inkvent
The bestselling ink of 2021 was the Diamine Inkvent Calendar. The 2021 version is sold out, so you’ll have to wait for the release of the Diamine 2022 Inkvent Calendar to get this particular experience.

Some of inks on the list are no longer available. I guess that goes to show just how accurate our list is – we just couldn’t keep them in stock! The #1 Top Selling ink of 2021 is the 2021 Diamine Inkvent Calendar. They are always a huge hit. If you haven’t seen them, they are a version of the traditional holiday advent calendar designed to “countdown” the days in December until Christmas arrives on the 25th of December. In this ink-i-licious version from well-loved Diamine, you get a small bottle of ink for each day leading up to the 25th (when you get a full size 30ml bottle of ink). The inks in the inkvent calendars are unique to the calendar and fans of Diamine ink are already looking forward to the 2022 Diamine Inkvent Calendar. Private Reserve’s Limited Edition 2 Minutes to Midnight and Lamy’s Special Edition Turmaline are also both sold out inks that we no longer have available. If you can’t possibly wait to see the release of the Diamine 2022 Inkvent Calendar, you can check out other Diamine inks here.

Or you can get a little up close and personal with the Diamine 2021 Inkvent Calendar by checking out our article (including reveals).

Pen Chalet’s Exclusive Robert Oster Ink Collection:

bestselling inks of 2021 robert oster exclusive inks
4 of the 6 Pen Chalet Exclusive Robert Oster inks made the Top 10 Bestselling Inks of 2021 List.

We almost excluded our exclusive Robert Oster inks from this Top 10 list because it almost didn’t seem fair. These beautiful Robert Oster inks are only available here at so it’s not surprising that we would sell more of them. However, we decided they earned their spot. 4 of the 6 ink colors in the Robert Oster Pen Chalet Exclusive ink series made it on the Top 10 Bestselling Inks of 2021 List: Monsoon Sky, Antelope Canyon, Sedona Red, and Saguaro Green. The other two inks in this series are: Monsoon Clouds and Havasu Falls. These exclusive inks are created by Robert Oster with each ink color inspired by a unique aspect of Arizona, a western state in the United States that we simply call home here at Pen Chalet.

The Other 3 Inks on the Bestselling Inks of 2021 List:

If you set aside the Pen Chalet Exclusive inks and the sold out inks, you have 3 other inks that made the bestselling inks of 2021 list, and you can get a better look at them here: Pelikan 2021 Ink of the Year Golden Beryl, Diamine Writer’s Blood (available in 30ml or 80ml), and Sailor Manyo Haha.

Looking for the Your Next Favorite Fountain Pen Ink?

If you’re looking for your next favorite fountain pen ink, you might want to start with any ink on our Bestselling Inks of 2021 Top 10 List that you haven’t tried yet. And if you love pens and inks, definitely come visit us at

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Kate Powell
2 years ago

I have the Robert Oster inks and they are gorgeous!

2 years ago

Really amazing