Diamine 2021 Inkvent

2021 Inkvent Calendar Inks: Diamine’s Annual Christmas Countdown

If you weren’t able to get your hands on one of the Diamine 2021 Inkvent Calendars, we’re so sorry! We’re out of stock. But while we can’t ship out any more of these beauties (as we have no more of them to ship), we can offer you a quick overview of what you may have missed. You can use it as inspiration for an early preorder for the 2022 Diamine Inkvent Calendar (and no, we have no confirmation or sneak peeks of the Diamine 2022 Inkvent Calendar – just a solid assumption (and sincere hope) that this annual tradition will continue). Ready to open up some Diamine Inkvent Calendar inks? Get a look at each of the day’s inks from this year’s calendar – we really enjoy the collection! In this video you can check out the Day 15 through Day 25 ink reveals including ink swatches, splashes, and short writing samples for each of the Inkvent inks!

2021 Diamine Inkvent Calendar Inks: Day 15 through Day 25

  • Day 15: Diamine Night Shade Ink (standard)
  • Day 16: Diamine Vintage Copper ink (shimmer)
  • Day 17: Diamine Thunderbolt (standard)
  • Day 18: Diamine Subzero ink (shimmer)
  • Day 19: Diamine Festive Joy ink (standard)
  • Day 20: Diamine Pink Ice ink (shimmer)
  • Day 21: Diamine Brandy Snap ink (standard)
  • Day 22: Diamine Black Ivy ink (sheen)
  • Day 23: Diamine Wonderland ink (standard)
  • Day 24: Diamine Yuletide ink (standard)
  • Day 25: Diamine All the Best ink (shimmer & sheen)

Where Do You Find the Ink’s Special Properties Listed?

On the side of each ink bottle, Diamine printed each ink’s special properties (or if the ink didn’t include a specific “special” sheen or shimmer property, they noted that it was a standard ink).

During the last week and a half of Diamine Inkvent inks for 2021, we saw a good variety. You’ll notice in addition to the 6 standard Diamine inks, they included 3 shimmer inks, 1 sheening ink, and one shimmer and sheen ink.

A Quick Overview of Day 15 through Day 25: 2021 Inkvent Calendar Inks

Day 15, Night Shade is a standard ink. It does offer some potential for shading depending on the nib you use and your penmanship. The various shades of purple are reminiscent of dark winter night sky.

Day 16, Vintage Copper is a shimmering ink. The base ink color is a rusty orange, and the shimmer appears as a bronze-gold color. We’d also describe this ink as having some possibility for shading depending on how and where you’re using it.

Day 17, Thunderbolt is a standard ink with some shading potential. We enjoyed the bright, vivid blue with the potential for veering towards a blue-black with heavy saturation.

Day 18, Subzero is a gorgeous shimmer ink. The shimmer was very consistent during out sampling, and the bright turquoise base color was applaudable. We also recognize this one for offering some shading possibilities, as well.

Day 19, Festive Joy is a standard ink. The deep, dark purple is very legible on paper, while still coming off as a bright option for those who want to veer from the more traditional colors. We also noticed what we assume was an inadvertent sheening trait (green-gold). It was not as pronounced as the other inks defined as sheening inks, but evident at heavy saturation points nonetheless.

Day 20, Pink Ice is a shimmer ink with the dusty mauve pink base ink color and a silver metallic shimmer. The combination is lovely, and the base color is very dark and legible on the page making this a more usable pink ink than many others on the market.

Day 21, Brandy Snap is a standard orange ink with shading possibilities.

Day 22, Black Ivy is a dark sheening green ink. The purple-red sheen is evident in even in lighter applications and writing samples.

Day 23, Wonderland is a bright, vivid standard ink addition to the 2021 inkvent inks. The striking orange has some shading possibilities and it surprising legible on paper.

Day 24, Yuletide is another standard ink in a beautiful deep teal color. We like the shading possibilities offered by this interesting ink, and also saw some inadvertent sheening at the highest saturation points like in the ink splash.

Day 25, All the Best is a very deep, dark red ink with both shimmer and sheen. The purple shimmer and gold sheen are a fantastic combination. You’ll also notice good shading possibilities. This rich, highly saturated ink is the perfect conclusion to the 2021 Inkvent Calendar.

The Bottle Used in the 2021 Diamine Inkvent Calendar:

Diamine switched out the bottles used for the ink bottles used for the inkvent with the 2021 inkvent calendar release. Behind doors 1 through 24 of the Inkvent there are 12 ml fountain pen inks in square plastic bottles. The shape allows for easier dipping (with dip pens) and filling. Behind Door 25, you’ll find a 30ml in the standard plastic Diamine ink bottle.

See the unboxing of this year’s 2021 Diamine Inkvent Calendar up close in the featured YouTube Shorts video included above along with ink swatches, ink splashes, and writing samples. The 2021 Diamine Inkvent Calendars are sold out, but you should definitely mark your calendar to check back next year to see if Diamine releases a 2022 Inkvent Calendar – look for your favorite pens and inks at www.PenChalet.com!