Diamine 2021 Inkvent

Diamine 2021 Inkvent Calendar: Daily Ink Reveals Day 8 through Day 14

Did you get your Diamine 2021 Inkvent Calendar yet? Have you opened up your inks? If you’ve been wishing you could have a look at each of the day’s inks from this year’s calendar, you’ll love what we have for you. Today you get to check out ink reveals with ink swatches, splashes, and short writing samples for the Diamine Inkvent inks from Day 8 through Day 14!

The Inks in this Year’s Inkvent Calendar: Day 8 through Day 14

Day 8: Diamine Raspberry Rose Ink (standard)
Day 9: Diamine Storm ink (shimmer)
Day 10: Diamine Peach Punch ink (standard)
Day 11: Diamine Party Time ink (shimmer)
Day 12: Diamine Stargazer ink (shimmer & sheen)
Day 13: Diamine Ruby Blues ink (sheen)
Day 14: Diamine Red Robin ink (standard)

Where Do You Find the Ink’s Special Properties Listed?

On the side of each ink bottle, Diamine printed each ink’s special properties (or noted that it was a standard ink.

The second week of Diamine 2021 Inkvent Calendar inks dove into the vivid, deep side of some of our favorite ink colors. We also had a variety of special ink properties included this week with 3 standard inks joined by 1 Sheening ink, 2 Shimmering inks, and 1 sheening and shimmering ink.

A Quick Overview of Day 8 through Day 14: 2021 Inkvent Calendar Inks

Day 8, Raspberry Rose is a standard ink. It does offer some potential for shading depending on the nib you use and your penmanship. It is appropriately named as the ink color appears as a berry pink veering toward mauve.

Day 9, Storm is a shimmering ink. The base ink color is deep indigo, very dark, but definitely not disguising itself as black. The metallic shimmer against the deep dark indigo ink is stunning.

Day 10, Peach Punch is a standard ink with a bit more shading potential than Day 8’s Raspberry Rose. A heavier saturation significantly changes the depth of this vivid orange ink once dry. Even in the lightest shades, Peach Punch is very legible and shows up well on paper.

Day 11, Party Time is a shimmer ink that actually does appear to bring the party. The bright hot pink ink color has shading possibilities in addition to the beautiful purple metallic shimmer with the edges of the most heavily saturated areas showing up almost black in the ink splash. The writing sample shows the smooth consistency and brilliant base color off well with a very clear, legible sample once dry.

Day 12, Stargazer is the only ink with dual properties listed by the ink maker. Offering both shimmer and sheen, this ink has the most depth of any ink that’s come out so far in this year’s inkvent calendar. The traditional dark gray-blue base color is highly accented by the dark purple-black sheen and the metallic shimmer (that sometimes appears green and sometimes gold).

Day 13, Ruby Blues is a sheening ink with the vivid bright blue base ink color really popping against the darker metallic sheen that appears pink, orange, and an almost orangey-red in the right lighting.

Day 14, Red Robin is a standard red ink with orange tones. We saw good shading possibilities and loved the power of this color in combination with the other ink reveals in this week of the 2021 Diamine Inkvent Calendar.

The Bottle Used in the 2021 Diamine Inkvent Calendar:

The bottles used for the inks included in this year’s inkvent calendar are different than in the past (if you like to get an Inkvent Calendar each year). Behind doors 1 through 24 of the Inkvent there are 12 ml fountain pen inks in square plastic bottles. The shape allows for easier dipping (with dip pens) and filling.

See the unboxing of this year’s 2021 Diamine Inkvent Calendar up close in the featured YouTube Shorts video included above along with ink swatches, ink splashes, and writing samples. Get your 2021 Diamine Inkvent Calendar at www.PenChalet.com!