Pilot Announces New Custom 743 Nibs: Coming Soon!

Fans of Pilot fountain pens and fountain pen nibs will be ecstatic to hear that one of their most classic fountain pen designs, the Pilot Custom 743 fountain pen, is being released with a significantly wider variety of nib sizes! Read on to learn what we know about the new Custom 743 nibs coming soon!

Custom 743 Fountain Pen Line: Expansion of Nib Offerings

new custom 743 nibs from pilot fall 2023
Pilot introduces 8 new Custom 743 nib sizes for the black with gold trim.

In a recent news release, Pilot Pens announced that they would be expanding their nib offerings for the Pilot Custom 743 fountain pen in black with gold trim. The company is releasing 8 additional nib sizes, bringing the total number of available nib sizes for the Pilot Custom 743 fountain pen up to fourteen options.

When Will Pilot’s New Custom 743 Nibs be Available & Why Is Pilot Adding Them?

The new Custom 743 nibs are expected on November 15th, 2023. In their release, Pilot reiterated that they strive to provide fountain pen users with the perfect fine writing instrument; adding 8 new Custom 743 nibs enables them to be more thorough as they tailor their pens to each writer’s unique writing style and preferences.

The Details: the New Custom 743 Nibs Are….

Pilot Custom 743 nib sizes as of September 2023.
In September 2023, Pilot announced additional nib sizes for their Custom 743 black/gold fountain pen.
  • Soft Fine (SF): The Custom 743’s Soft Fine nib boasts a soft touch, making it perfect for fine lettering with a subtle flexibility.
  • Fine Medium (FM): This hard nib strikes a balance between Fine and Medium and tends to suit those seeking a versatile in-between nib option.
  • Soft Fine Medium (SFM): This is.a soft nib that bridges Fine and Medium while offering a delicate touch combined with versatility.
  • Soft Medium (SM): A soft nib, Soft Medium nibs are great for producing medium-width lettering with added flexibility.
  • Waverly (WA): The Waverly nib was engineered with a slight upturn at the tip, enabling the nib to deliver a uniquely flexible and customized writing experience with exceptional smoothness from any angle.
  • Stub (SU): The Stub’s squared-off tip is a traditional italic nib creating broad vertical strokes and thin horizontal lines. The Pilot Custom 743 fountain pen Stub nib is ideal for calligraphy.
  • Coarse (C): The Coarse nib is extra broad, producing extremely bold lines for a commanding presence on paper.
  • Posting (PO): The Posting is a hard nib with a downturned tip, creating a fine, crisp line with minimal pressure. The Posting nib is preferred for writing on paper that tends to feather.

How Do Pilot Fountain Pen Nib Sizes Compare to Other Brands’ Nibs?

new custom 743 nibs - one of the eight new nibs Pilot is introducing November 2023.
Pilot Custom 743 black fountain pen with gold trim, closeup of nib.

If you’re interested in how the Pilot fountain pen nibs compare in size to other fountain pen brands, check out Nib Tipping Chart for more information. And if you’re new to fountain pens, and you aren’t sure where to start your fountain pen fun, check out some of the most popular and highly reviewed fountain pens for beginners that we often recommend.

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