Watch the full Monteverde Giant Sequoia Fountain Pen Ink Review

Monteverde Giant Sequoia Fountain Pen Review

Do you want to know more about the Monteverde Giant Sequoia fountain pen? You’re in luck, because today we’re featuring a full review with our frequent guest reviewer, the Pen Gangsta.

The Pen Gangsta on the Giant Sequoia Fountain Pen from: (in the words of our guest reviewer)

Today I got some pen mail. What did I get? I got the Monteverde Giant Sequoia pen in turquoise. I didn’t even know this pen existed until a few days ago.

Unboxing the Monteverde Giant Sequoia:

The Monteverde Giant Sequoia fountain pen comes in a green Monteverde box, which is covered by a green sleeve. Open the box up and you have this gorgeous pen. Look at that color. I’m a sucker for turquoise pens. I’m a sucker for turquoise in general. Lift off the top and inside you’ll find some ink cartridges and some literature that are basically congratulating you for buying this Monteverde product. Congratulations from me. Or congratulations from me to you or from me to me…Congratulations. Thank you.

Taking a Closer Look at Monteverde’s Giant Sequoia Turquoise Fountain Pen:

Let’s take a closer look at the pen. Look at that pen. Look at the colors. The white and the turquoise – so pretty. And you know what’s cool about this resin? It is semi-transparent. I don’t know if you can see it well enough in the video, but I can see the converter in there.

Can You Wear the Monteverde Giant Sequoia Pen?

It’s a big pen. I guess that’s why they call it the GIANT Sequoia. The clip is — its got a little spring in there, so if you wear your pen in your pocket this should work well for you. Let’s take off the cap and check out the nib. Oh yah, that’s cool. I like the silver with the turquoise.

A Little Info About this Monteverde Fountain Pen’s Nib:

Did you know Monteverde pens now come with JOWO nibs? They do. They’re very good nibs. I don’t know if you’re familiar with JOWO nibs, but they’re highly dependable. They’re great performers. I haven’t personally had a problem with them, but I’m so happy that Yafa now puts JOWO nibs in their fountain pens.

What About Posting Monteverde’s Giant Sequoia?

Does the pen post? Being as big as it is? It does post, not very deeply, but very securely. It makes the pen actually a little bit longer than it actually is, but that’s okay with me. I tend to like my pens not posted. I feel like the cap when it’s posted – it adds a little bit more weight than I like.

Watch the Monteverde Giant Sequoia fountain pen in action – watch the full review. Photos contributed by guest reviewer, The Pen Gangsta.

Bonus from Yafa: Enjoy that Converter Included with Your Purchase

Another great thing about Yafa brand products (including Monteverde pens like the Monteverde Giant Sequoia) is that they come with a converter. Excellent. The next thing we need to do is ink the pen up and see how she performs.

Watch the full Monteverde Giant Sequoia fountain pen review to see our guest reviewer ink the fountain pen with Monteverde Olivine fountain pen ink and put it to the test on paper. And if you want one of your own or just need more details, head straight to

Photo and video created by our guest reviewer, The Pen Gangsta, aka Vanessa Langton. Thank you!