Watch the full review of the Benu Tattoo fountain pen

Fountain Pen Review Time: Get to Know the Benu Tattoo Fountain Pen

If you’ve been curious about the Benu Tattoo fountain pen, we’ve got a great opportunity for you to appease your curious soul with today’s guest review from Soujourner USA of the Benu Tattoo fountain pen. While she takes care to note that she’s not a professional pen reviewer, and may not know all the technical terminology, she’s an avid writer and spends time using fountain pens daily. Read on to get all the details and our guest reviewer’s take on this particular fountain pen design.

Benu Tattoo Specifications (the Little Details):

The pen measures 5.6 ” in length (6.8″ posted), and is .6″ in diameter. The pen’s fill mechanism is a cartridge and it calls for the Standard International size cartridge.

The Benu Tattoo Fountain Pen Design:

Each of the Benu Tattoo fountain pens contain certain elements of body art from old-school tattoo in the pen design. The Benu Tattoo pens are made of acrylic resin with a stainless steel clip and rings. Although Benu is from Russia, they’re finished with a stainless steel German nib. You can get them in a number of colors, but the images and video review here feature the Benu Tattoo in yellow.

Every Benu Tattoo pen design includes 11 different elements in the pen design: Gun, Sun, Nautical Star, Wind Rose Compass, Snake, Skull, Swallow, Rose, Dice, Ribbon banner with Benu logo, and Fire and Flame.

Our Guest Reviewer’s Take on the Benu Tattoo Pen:

While this is not a fountain pen that she would normally pick up or choose based on the look of the pen (just based on her personal preference), she was impressed by the way the pen wrote. As an avid writer (and a daily fountain pen user), the most important things to her are whether it’s comfortable in her hand and if she’ll be able to write with it for long periods of time. If a pen doesn’t write in a way you like, you won’t use it very long. The Benu Tattoo fountain pen wrote right out of the box. This impressed her because she’s had fountain pens that took hours or even a full day to write.

Final Conclusion: The Benu Tattoo Fountain Pen is One Primo Writer

She also liked that the Benu Tattoo gave a smooth, enjoyable writing experience with a really smooth, nice flow. She’s used to pens that are thinner in girth and she always uses a fine nib, but this fountain pen was thicker in her hand, and she was working with a medium nib. However, the pen design was well done, and she felt the pen was very easy to hold and use. Posted, the pen feels balanced in her hand, but she preferred to write without the cap posted (just due to the length). Her final conclusion? This pen is a “primo” writer.

See the Benu Tattoo Yellow Fountain Pen up close see for yourself what this avid journaler thought of the popular fountain pen – watch the full review! And, of course, if you decide to add one to your collection, get your Benu Tattoo fountain pen at!