vintage inspired fountain pens 2020 holiday pen gift guide

Vintage Inspired Fountain Pens: 2020 Holiday Pen Gift Guide

Are you a fan of vintage pens or the look of a vintage pen? Or do you know someone who adores vintage-inspired fountain pens? If so, you might be interested in our short list of the best vintage-inspired fountain pens for this year’s Holiday Pen Gift Guide.

The Best Vintage-Inspired Fountain Pens of 2020:

The Esterbrook JR Pocket Pen:

Esterbrook JR Pocket pen pulled inspiration from the classic 1950’s Esterbrook fountain pen design called the “J.” The J was sleek, suave and timeless. The pen design purposefully held wide appeal for both men and women. The JR Pocket fountain pen Esterbrook released is one of the most obviously vintage-inspired fountain pens of 2020. This vintage-inspired fountain pen design is youthful and energetic. Pens feature a turned acrylic barrel, a threaded cap, and a metal clip/accents matching the ring and stainless steel fountain pen nib. The trim is either glossy rhodium or gold plating depending on which color you choose (Capri Blue, Carmine Red, or Tuxedo Charcoal).

Conklin Mark Twain Crescent Filler Fountain Pen:

Conklin released a couple more Limited Edition Mark Twain Crescent Filler fountain pens in 2020. These Limited Edition vintage-inspired fountain pen designs are limited to 1,898 pieces. The Conklin Mark Twain Limited Edition Rainbow Crescent Filler is sold out here at Pen Chalet, but we do have more of the Conklin Mark Twain Limited Edition Gunmetal Crescent Filler fountain pen available. These pens are created with the same crescent fill design as the original and they’re fitted with a stainless steel nib. The pens have a metallic gunmetal finish and come in a luxury gift box.

Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen:

These vintage-inspired fountain pens mimic the original 1935 pens carried by WWII officers. Kaweco Sport Classic fountain pens have a 23k gold plated stainless steel nib, use an ink cartridge (included), and are compatible with Kaweco’s squeeze ink converter. The compact design makes these pens easy to carry, while posting the cap creates a comfortable length for writing.

Platinum Maki-e Fountain Pen:

The Platinum Maki-e fountain pen comes in varying styles, but all are inspired by the traditional Japanese Maki-e art form. Beloved for thousands of years, Maki-e is a Japanese lacquer decoration technique. The Platinum Maki-e fountain pen’s resin body is hand finished by a Maki-e craftsman. Each Platinum Maki-e fountain pen comes with an 18k gold nib and one ink cartridge.

Monteverde 20th Anniversary Innova Fountain Pen:

To celebrate their 20 year anniversary, Monteverde released the Monteverde 20th Anniversary Innova fountain pen, a recreation of one of their earliest pen designs. The fountain pens are made with a carbon fiber cap and barrel and finished with chrome or gunmetal trim. The Monteverde 20th Anniversary Innova fountain pens are cartridge converter pens fitted with a #6 stainless steel nib.

Conklin Herringbone Fountain Pen:

The Conklin Herringbone fountain pen is etched with the herringbone chasing pattern, but Conklin added some vintage appeal to this release. Similar to older pens created by Conklin, the Conklin Herringbone fountain pen’s herringbone pattern is created using an extremely precise computerized engraving machine that cuts the Guilloché on the pen’s airplane-grade aluminum cap and barrel.

What are your favorite vintage-inspired pens of 2020? If you’re looking for a vintage-inspired fountain pen or just need a place to go where you can find all your favorite fountain pen and ink brands, visit