2020 holiday pen gift guide 2020 limited edition fountain pens

Best 2020 Limited Edition Fountain Pens: Holiday Pen Gift Guide

With 2020 coming to a close, we have to take a second to look back at some of this year’s fantastic Limited Edition fountain pens and pen collections. Are you a pen collector? How much more likely are you to “collect” a pen if it’s a Limited Edition? Does it make you love a pen less if it isn’t limited? We don’t reserve our love exclusively for Limited Edition pens, but we do appreciate the added excitement of knowing that the pen in our hand is one of a certain number of pens in the world.

Best Limited Edition Pens of 2020:

The Conklin Courage Limited Edition Pen Collection:

The Conklin Courage Limited Edition pen collection comes in 3 colors (red, white or black). The Conklin Courage pens are resin and they feature a clip designed to represent the famous rod of Asclepius, the symbol of the Hippocrates’ oath. The pens featured trim plated in rose gold, gunmetal and chrome, and come with a #6 JoWo nib. A percentage of the proceeds of every Conklin Courage fountain pen or ballpoint pen purchase goes help feed families in need. Conklin designed this particular limited edition pen collection to honor our brave first responders, so we thought it was a particularly timely limited edition release due to the unprecedented events of 2020. Limited to 1898 pieces. Each pen comes with a commemorative Hippocrates’ patch shaped lapel pin. Includes a full size bottle of fountain pen ink and arrives in a gift box.

The Conklin Endura Limited Edition Fountain Pen:

The Conklin Endura Limited Edition Abalone Rose Gold fountain pen is made from actual abalone shells from New Zealand. The barrel is hand turned and hand polished creating a beautiful finish for the abalone’s whirl of intense colors. The pen is finished with rose gold trim and fitted with a #6 JoWo stainless steel nib. Limited to 1898 pieces.

The Leonardo Momento Zero Grande Tredici Limited Edition Fountain Pen:

The Leonardo Momento Zero Grande Tredici Limited Edition fountain pen has the added exclusivity of only being available at Pen Chalet. The fountain pen’s blue abyss celluloid body is accented with gold trim. Both the cap and the body have 13 faceted sides adding to the way the fountain pen glistens in the light (while also keeping the pen from rolling when set on a flat surface). Each pen is fitted with a 14k gold nib and a piston filling system. These 2020 Limited Edition pens come with a full size bottle of Leonardo fountain pen ink and arrive in a large gift box. Limited to 100 pieces with each pen individually numbered.

The Montegrappa Fortuna Grigio Arancio Limited Edition Fountain Pen:

Another Pen Chalet Exclusive, the Montegrappa Fortuna Grigio Arancio fountain pen is limited to 55 pieces (pens are unnumbered). The grey and orange resin is crafted in the popular Fortuna body design, fitted with a stainless steel nib, and accented with silver trim. This Montegrappa Limited Edition fountain pen is well balanced and writes incredibly well. It’s a quality, collectible item. Each of these Montegrappa 2020 Limited Edition fountain pens come in a Montegrappa gift box.

Esterbrook Estie Limited Edition Rocky Top & Peacock Fountain Pens:

Esterbrook released a couple Limited Edition Esties near the end of 2020. These 2020 Limited Edition fountain pens were an instant hit (forgive us if you stumble upon this post and there are no longer any Rocky Tops or Peacocks available). Fans of the Oversize Estie Sparkle fountain pens, love the Rocky Tops and Peacocks, BUT fountain pen addicts who wish they could get the Sparkle in a regular size fountain pen found the introduction of both the Peacock and the Rocky Top in both oversize and standard to be one of the most exciting features of these gorgeous 2020 Limited Edition fountain pens. This pen release was the first time an Esterbrook/DiamondCast collaboration was released in both standard and oversized fountain pen. (Also available in rollerball pens while supplies last).

If you need more information about any of the 2020 Limited Edition fountain pens featured here, if you’re looking for other limited edition fountain pens, rollerballs or ballpoints, or if you’re just looking for your favorite fountain pens and fountain pen inks, visit PenChalet.com.

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