discontinued wearingeul inks: the exile of flower ink is discontinued as of April 2023

Discontinued Wearingeul Inks in April 2023: Which Inks Will Be Disappearing From the Shelves?

Did You Hear? Wearingeul is discontinuing some of its inks! So, if you have a favorite, you might want to try to get your hands on an extra bottle now. Or if there’s one you’ve been meaning to add to your ink collection, and you haven’t quite yet, jump it to the top of your “to buy” list. Here are the discontinued Wearingeul inks (as of April 2023).

Discontinued Wearingeul Inks in April 2023:

  • Stars in Autumn (from the Yun Dong Ju Ink Series)
  • The Exile of Flower (from the Jung Ji Yong Ink Series)
  • Flowing Leaves (from the Kim So Wol Ink Series)
  • The Song of Reed (from the Kim So Wol ink series)
  • Sanshiro (from the Natsume Soseki Ink series)

Four Wearingeul Ink Series Will Be Discontinuing 1 or 2 Inks:

discontinued wearingeul inks: stars in autumn ink discontinued april 2023
Stars in Autumn from the Wearingeul Yun Dong Ju Literature Ink Collection is one of the inks being discontinued in April 2023.

That’s four different lit-inspired ink collections that include one or two discontinued Wearingeul inks. The Yun Dong Ju ink series will lose Stars in Autumn, a deep blue glistening ink. However, it DOES have a second deep blue ink that offers great shading. The Jung Ji Yong Ink Series will lose the Exile of Flower, a pinky red shading ink, and that will leave the series with a more fuschia pink shading ink, a blue glistening ink, and two versions of their popular grape-colored night ink (one standard and one glistening). The Kim So Wol ink series will lose Flowing Leaves, a foresty green glistening ink, AND the Song of Reed, a golden brown shading ink. That will leave the Kim So Wol collection with only two inks, one grey-blue glistening ink, and one purple-pink shading ink. The Natsume Soseki ink series is losing the Sanshiro ink, a vivid orange-yellow shading ink. Am I allowed to say that I was just relieved the one getting discontinued wasn’t I Am Cat? I love that ink. Along with I Am Cat, a glistening grey ink, the Natsume Soseki ink series will still offer a grey shading ink (Mind), and a blue-purple glistening ink (Wayfarer).

Wearingeul Inks Will Also See a Price Increase: April 2023

In addition to letting you know about the discontinued Wearingeul inks, we also wanted to let you know that the Wearingeul inks will also see a price increase in April 2023. We all avoid higher prices as much as possible, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. This price increase can be traced back to increased raw material prices.

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Now that you have all the info about the upcoming Wearingeul ink price increase and the discontinued Wearingeul inks, go check out your favorite Wearingeul collections, and see what you can get your hands on from the current inventory! Shop your Wearingeul inks at PenChalet.com.