pen chalet 10th anniversary decade in the desert celebration

Decade in the Desert Anniversary Celebration: Pen Chalet 10th Anniversary

It’s the Pen Chalet 10th Anniversary – Pen Chalet is officially 10 years old! Can you believe it? We opened up shop 10 years ago in the sweltering heat of another July in the Arizona desert. And we’re still here, still obsessing over pens, and looking forward to the decades to come. In honor of the occasion, we’re throwing a bit of a bash…we’re calling it Decade in the Desert and you’re all invited to join in the fun. Here’s what you can expect!

Pen Chalet 10th Anniversary Exclusive Product Releases!

Each week throughout the month of July, we’ll be releasing NEW Exclusive products in celebration of our first successful DECADE in the desert! As they release, we’ll jump in and update the list here, but they’ll also be added to our Pen Chalet 10th Anniversary page right on the website. Click on the banner at the top of any page on the website all month long, or simply click here.

The Exclusive Pen Chalet 10th Anniversary Products: Decade in the Desert Week 1 Releases

Pen Chalet 10th Anniversary EXCLUSIVE Stickers (While Supplies Last Of Course!)

pen chalet 10th anniversary decade in the desert celebration
Every EXCLUSIVE Pen Chalet 10th Anniversary release purchase comes with a FREE 10th Anniversary sticker!

Ya’ll have a history of loving stickers, and we didn’t forget! All month long, when you purchase a special edition 10th Anniversary release, you get to choose one of three special edition Pen Chalet 10th Anniversary stickers! Perhaps you’ll collect them all…but be warned, these stickers may not be around forever.

New Pen Chalet 10th Anniversary Sale Items Added Weekly!

We also know ya’ll love a good sale, and we didn’t forget that either! So, each week while you’re checking back to see our new EXCLUSIVE product releases, you’ll also want to check to see what new sale items have been added to the 10th Anniversary Sale!

Discounts All Around: It is an Anniversary Bash After All!

pen chalet 10th anniversary exclusive Dominant Industry Decade in the Desert fountain pen ink release.
Exclusive Dominant Industry Decade in the Desert Ink Collection inspired by the Arizona Sky.

Lastly, we are offering a discount code for those of you who want to purchase something ELSE on the site that you’ve had your eye on. It could be a fountain pen, an ink, a pen case, a pen roll, a ballpoint pen (we don’t judge). The discount code is applicable site wide (but remember some brands are excluded – by the manufacturer – so exceptions aren’t an option).

Thanks for Being Loyal Pen Fiends and Pen Chalet Fans!

pen chalet 10th anniversary exclusive Van Dieman's Decade in the Desert fountain pen ink release.
Exclusive Van Dieman’s Decade in the Desert ink collection celebrating the Arizona desert Pen Chalet calls home.

As we dive into the fun of celebrating Pen Chalet’s 10th Anniversary, we can’t help but smile. Ya’ll are pretty fabulous, and tons of fun. Don’t let anyone tell you any different. Thanks for hanging around – on the Pen Chalet website, in the comments on your favorite social media platform, or out there in the ether tagging us digitally with your #PenChaletMailCall or pen review or ink splash videos. We love it all. We’re so glad we’re pen friends. Let’s definitely stay pen friends for another decade or two or five. If you’re not sure how to stay in touch, try one of these:

  • Visit the Pen Chalet website to sign up for our e-newsletter
  • Visit the website to sign up for text notifications
  • Jump on your favorite social media platform and follow/subscribe @PenChalet (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit, TikTok, YouTube….we’re pretty much everywhere)
  • Call (877-509-0378) or email ( customer service if you have questions or need help

Pens, Pens, and More Pens: We Know You, and We Love It

pen chalet 10th anniversary decade in the desert celebration
Just over here celebrating our 10th Anniversary in the AZ desert. // Art Credit: Van Dieman’s Ink, Decade in the Desert ink packaging.

We know you. And we know you know we know you. So, we know we’ll see you around. You just love pens too much to stay away. And we feel you on that – we really do. We love pens, too. So, anytime you need to go on a hunt for the next new pen in your pen collection, make us your first stop –