Kuretake Ebicha ink review

Kuretake Ebicha Ink Review: Brown Fountain Pen Ink

Ready today’s Kuretake Ebicha Ink Review for more information on this gorgeous ink from one of the newest ink brands added to the Pen Chalet lineup!

Kuretake Ebicha ink review
Kuretake Ebicha fountain pen ink writing sample with a Sailor 1911S Demonstrator fountain pen with M nib. / Credit/Reviewer: Christine E. @from.pens.with.love

Today’s Featured Ink: Kuretake Ebicha Ink

In today’s Kuretake Ebicha ink review, we’ll give you a look at how this ink performs. But before we get started – you might want to know what to expect. Kuretake Ebicha ink is made in Japan, and Kuretake has been in the business for more than 120 years. Kuretake Ebicha ink is a soft brown shade inspired by the color of traditional Hakama pants worn by Japanese women.

Kuretake Ebicha ink review
Kuretake Ebicha ink swatch and writing sample. // Credit/Reviewer: Christine E. @from.pens.with.love

What Ink Series Does it Belong To?

If you are intrigued by Kuretake Ebicha fountain pen ink, you might be interested to know it’s part of an ink collection, the Kuretake Meiji no Iro Ink Collection. Kuretake released the Meiji no Iro inks in 2022 to celebrate their 120th anniversary. Each of the inks in the collection is inspired by fashions and art from the Japanese Meiji-era. Since Kuretake was founded in 1902, that means that in this ink collection, you’ll see colors reflecting popular colors in clothes, decorative items, and inks from the time period when they first got started.

Kuretake Ebicha Ink: How Does it Perform on Paper?

Kuretake Ebicha ink review
How does Kuretake Ebicha ink perform on paper? // Credit/Reviewer: Christine E. @from.pens.with.love

The Meiji no Iro inks are water-based dye inks, but offer a more substantial feel than most water-based dye inks you’ll find on the market. So, you can embrace the thicker ink and the fantastic consistency it offers while also loving the fact that the inks are safe for use with all your fountain pens, dip pens, brushes, etc. Expect to enjoy a smooth writing experience with your pens and dip pens, and when used with a brush, you may be surprised to discover how opaque these inks go down.

What’s the Kuretake Ebicha Ink Bottle Like?

The Kuretake Ebicha ink some in a square 20ml glass bottle with labeling reflecting the general color of the ink inside the bottle. The cap is faceted. The ink is packaged in a cardboard box with a traditional Meiji-era pattern matching the label on the ink bottle.

Our Guest Reviewer: Kuretake Ebicha Ink Review

Kuretake Ebicha ink review
Reviewing the Kuretake Ebicha fountain pen ink. // Reviewer: Christine @from.pens.with.love

Christine is a huge fan of fountain pens, inks, paper, and leather, and their ability to work together to create a simply wonderful story. Catch her updating you on her latest writing adventures, favorite inks, and pens in her personal collection on Instagram @from.pens.with.love.

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Final Conclusion: Kuretake Ebicha Ink Review

Kuretake Ebicha ink review
Kuretake Ebicha Ink writing sample. // Credit/Reviewer: Christine @from.pens.with.love

“Ebicha is one ink I have completely fallen in love with lately. It’s beautiful.
It’s leaning a bit on the drier side, but not by a lot. It’s just great!” -Christine

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