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Days Until 15 on 15th Giveaway Day:
Pen Chalet 15 on the 15th Giveaway Day

15 on the 15th - Giveaway Day!

  • We will be giving away 15 prizes on the 15th of each month.
  • Enter to win for FREE on this page. We will pick one random winner from these entries.
  • Place an order on the 15th. Random orders will receive a FREE "Gift Pack" sent with their order.
Giveaways for random orders placed will be automatically selected on the 15th between midnight Eastern time through midnight Pacific while they last. Winners will be notified on the confirmation screen.

This Month's "15 on the 15th" Giveaways

Gift Pack 1

Gift Pack 2

Gift Pack 3

Gift Pack 4

Gift Pack 5

Gift Pack 6

Gift Pack 7

Gift Pack 8

Gift Pack 9

Gift Pack 10

Gift Pack 11

Gift Pack 12

Gift Pack 13

Gift Pack 14

Gift Pack 15

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15 on the 15th Giveaway
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