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Van Dieman’s Route 66 Ink Review

Read the full Van Dieman’s Route 66 ink review for all the details on this beautiful exclusive fountain pen ink. One of several new, exclusive inks released as part of the 10th Anniversary celebration in July 2023, this one is a standout! Only available at Pen Chalet, each of the Van Dieman’s Decade in the Desert fountain pen inks are inspired by an iconic element of Arizona, Pen Chalet’s home state in the USA. Let’s kick off the ink review fun with an ink inspired by one of the most iconic highways in the USA.

The Ink Series: Exclusive Van Dieman’s Decade in the Desert Ink Series

pen chalet 10th anniversary decade in the desert celebration
The first EXCLUSIVE release celebrating Pen Chalet’s 10th Anniversary is the Van Dieman’s Decade in the Desert ink collection, 5 inks all inspired by iconic, inspiring elements of Pen Chalet’s home state, Arizona.

Today’s featured ink is one of five exclusive inks released in the Van Dieman’s Decade in the Desert Ink Collection to celebrate Pen Chalet’s 10th Anniversary in July 2023. Here’s a list of the full ink collection:

  • Painted Desert ink
  • Liberty Blue ink
  • Ocotillo Ink
  • Prickly Pear ink
  • Route 66 ink

Today’s Featured Ink: Van Dieman’s Decade in the Desert Route 66 Ink

pen chalet exclusive van diemans decade in the desert route 66 ink review ink swatch
Van Dieman’s Route 66 ink swatch and writing sample with a sneak peek at the Liberty Blue ink, too! // Credit/Reviewer: Susie @dont_drink_the_ink

Today’s featured ink is the 5th ink in the Decade in the Desert ink collection Van Dieman’s created exclusively for Pen Chalet, Route 66. The ink is described as an ultra-high saturation black ink with a rusty gold sheen emerging as the ink dries and is a tribute to Route 66, the iconic highway that winds through America (including Arizona) on the most epic of cross-country road trips.

Today’s Guest Reviewer: Susie’s Route 66 Ink Review

Today’s guest reviewer is Susie (you can find her on Instagram as @dont_drink_the_ink although she prefers to refer to it as INKstagram). You’ll find this San Diego artist sharing her love of fountain pens & inks with ink-stained hands and an eye for more colors, more new releases, and well…just more! Susie took a good look at some of our exclusive Decade in the Desert fountain pen inks released to celebrate the anniversary this month. Today’s ink review is the first of several reviews you’ll see pop up!

Van Dieman’s Route 66 Ink Review: Read Susies’s Review!

Take a look at a beautiful Van Dieman’s Decade in the Desert Route 66 ink splash // Credit/Reviewer: Susie, @dont_drink_the_ink

“Pen Chalet’s Route 66 exclusive fountain pen ink by @vandiemansink — an ink that I’d categorize as a black, although it holds sheen and what struck me as a chameleon shimmer was immediately reminiscent of a gasoline puddle on the road. It is so interesting and subtle — and I could see it being a really fun ink to pair with a road trip diary thematically (or as a gift with that intent!)

Honestly, I’m a pretty big fan of Pen Chalet’s exclusives — many of which commemorate the landscape or environment of this Arizona-based store. (Fun fact: I tried to visit once when in the area! Alas, you cannot visit them! They’re an online shop, and don’t have a store front.) This particular ink was created to celebrate their 10th Anniversary or a decade in the desert!”

How Fast Did Van Dieman’s Route 66 Ink Dry?

route 66 ink review, route 66 ink swatch
Closeup of Van Dieman’s Route 66 ink splash. // Credit/Reviewer: Susie @dont_drink_the_ink

“I really laid it on thick in this video showing the Van Dieman’s Ink Route 66 ink splash, so the dry time, as with most sheening ink, was on the slow side. But in a writing sample, I clocked the dry time at over a minute, which is slow for my personal every day use— the shimmer makes it impractical for an extra fine nib. But it handled beautifully with a dip pen (and fountain pen inks don’t usually!) so I’ll definitely be using this one with my calligraphy practice when I’ll be writing slowly anyway. This ink is not water resistant at all, and washed away to pink, so it’s not going to be your road-trip postcard ink- but i think it could be a lot of fun in the right context (again, like a thematic road trip journal…)”

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route 66 ink review with ink swatches
Route 66 ink swatch beside several other EXCLUSIVE Decade in the Desert inks you’ll see coming to the ink review portion of the Fountain Pen Blog soon! // Credit/Reviewer: Susie @dont_drink_the_ink

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