Monteverde Iced Cookie Ink

Monteverde Iced Cookie Ink Review & Giveaway

Are you ready to hear all about out Monteverde Iced Cookie Ink? This week’s featured ink is from the company’s new Sweet Life ink series. And you probably already guessed – these inks are all named after some of the sweetest of sweets. We’re completely on board with the sweet theme, completely. In fact, we may embrace the inspiration and go out for an Iced Cookie tonight.

All About the Ink Maker: Monteverde

The Monteverde brand is well-known and well-regarded. Currently offering over 66 colors of fountain pen inks (all made in the EU), all Monteverde fountain pen inks use ITF Technology (European Ink Treatment Formula). This technology drastically improves the quality of ink flow, lengthens the time an inked fountain pen can stay uncapped without drying out and lubricates the pen’s feeding system (which protects against clogging). All Monteverde inks are safe for fountain pens. For this week’s ink review and giveaway, we’ll focus on an ink from Monteverde’s Sweet Life Series. Other Monteverde Ink Series include:

  • Noir (black-based) Series
  • Gemstone Series
  • Core Series
  • Emotions Series

All About the Ink Series: Monteverde Sweet Life Ink Series

This week’s ink, Monteverde Iced Cookie, is one of 10 new inks in the Sweet Life ink series. All ten inks in the Sweet Life ink series will tempt your sweet tooth. Monteverde’s Sweet Life ink series includes:

  • Iced Cookie (this week’s featured ink)
  • Keylime Pie ink
  • Pumpkin Cake ink
  • Blueberry Muffin ink
  • Mango Mousse ink
  • Chocolate Pudding ink
  • Strawberry Shortcake ink
  • Cherry Danish ink
  • Birthday Cake ink
  • Blue Velvet Cake ink

Pen Chalet is a proud, authorized retailer of Monteverde products with a full range of Monteverde fountain pens and fountain pen inks. Find your next Monteverde product at Pen Chalet.

All About This Week’s Chosen Ink: Monteverde Iced Cookie Ink

Monteverde’s Iced Cookie ink is part of Monteverde’s Sweet Life ink series. Iced Cookie fountain pen ink is a beautiful dark teal-blue color that shows up dark with medium saturation. We particularly enjoyed the fun, new packaging with all the “ink desserts” pictured.

*** Don’t stop now. Keep reading for a chance to win the bottle of Monteverde Iced Cookie fountain pen ink used for this week’s Pen Chalet Ink Review. (Or if you’re still cultivating the art of patience, scroll down to the bottom where you’ll find the link to enter this week’s giveaway. We won’t even be disappointed in your behavior. Not much anyway).

Monteverde Sweet Life Ink

Read the full review of Monteverde Iced Cookie fountain pen ink from the Sweet Life ink series.

It’s Time: Monteverde Sweet Life Iced Cookie Ink Review

This week we got up close and personal with Iced Cookie ink from Monteverde’s Sweet Life ink series. We find that we ran all our regular tests and gathered all the details you’ll need to decide if you should add this Monteverde ink to your collection. Or not! Continue reading to get the full ink review.

Ink Review Testing Factors (because we’re very scientific):

As we said, this week, we reviewed Monteverde Iced Cookie fountain pen ink. While completing the review, we used a J Herbin spiral glass dip pen (which has a tip similar to a medium-fine fountain pen nib) on French-made Rhodia dot pad paper. We list products we used during our weekly ink reviews here because different papers and nib sizes may produce different results. Remember that as you consider our review and our conclusions on this week’s fountain pen ink.

What Sort of Ink Bottle Does Monteverde Use?

Monteverde Iced Cookie ink comes in two sizes: a large capacity 90 ml. glass bottle or a small 30 ml. glass bottle in standard Monteverde packaging.

How Much Does Monteverde Iced Cookie Ink Cost?

Since Monteverde Iced Cookie ink comes in two different sizes, it makes it easier to control how much you spend. For the price, this ink is relatively economical in both sizes. Monteverde ink is a great value, and their Sweet Life ink series is no exception to this rule. It’s even more economical if you take advantage of discount pricing at Pen Chalet.

How Did Iced Cookie Ink Respond During the 1 Dip Test?

We put Monteverde’s Iced Cookie fountain pen ink to the test with our newest standard review rest: the 1 Dip Test. We use this test to see how far one dip can write on paper (dipping the pen in ink only once). Monteverde’s Iced Cookie ink easily wrote across the paper on all three writing samples. (We used one dip per writing sample). Writing samples included: S, X, and scribble lines (see the photograph of the samples above).

How Fast Does Monteverde Iced Cookie Ink Dry?

Monteverde Iced Cookie fountain pen ink had a dry time of approximately 12-13 seconds with medium saturation. It’s a slightly longer dry time what we like to see for an everyday home-office ink.

Does Iced Cookie Ink Bleed Through?

We saw no bleeding during normal use of Monteverde’s Iced Cookie fountain pen ink. We noticed some very slight bleeding during the heavy saturated cotton swab test (at the wettest points).

Was There Any Feathering?

We saw no feathering during normal use and some very slight additional feathering during the water test.

How Does Monteverde Iced Cookie Ink Stand Up to Water?

Our weekly ink review’s water test consists of letting the ink sample dry for about three minutes before running a wet cotton swab over the sample. This week’s ink is not meant to be waterproof, but we put every weekly ink to the water test regardless. During the water test, Monteverde’s Iced Cookie ink had moderate color smearing. The lines were still legible, but with some distortion.

Does Iced Cookie Fountain Pen Ink Have Good Shading Traits?

Monteverde Iced Cookie ink has some possible shading traits if you’re working with a nib that allows ink flow variation (like a stub or italic nib). We saw dark teal blue to a lighter turquoise teal color. In addition to which type of nib you are working with, your handwriting can also make a difference when you’re looking for good shading traits with a fountain pen ink.

Final Conclusion on Monteverde Iced Cookie Ink:

This week’s fountain pen ink is a very economical fountain pen ink purchase offering great value when you consider both quality and quantity for the price. Additionally, fountain pen users have two different size (30 ml. and 90 ml.) and price options, which is always helpful. Monteverde continues to produce very high-quality inks safe for fountain pens and is well-regarded throughout the fountain pen and ink industry. All Monteverde inks are high performance and made in the EU using ITF Technology that produces inks with great flow that are actually “good” for your fountain pen.

We very much enjoyed the nice, dark teal color of this week’s ink, Iced Cookie. It had a slightly longer dry time than we like to see, but it was just beautiful on paper. We also love the names and the thought behind this particular ink series, Sweet Life. Yes, life is sweet; it really is and working with inks that remind us of that is just plain fun. Happy writing from the EU!

Enter to Win:

Enter to win the actual bottle of Monteverde Iced Cookie Ink that Pen Chalet used in this week’s ink review:

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Geoffrey Dunn
3 years ago

I love Teal inks. This looks great and your reviews are so thorough it’s hard to go wrong. This is a definite must have ink!

Ged Alangui
3 years ago

Most of my inks are blue and this one looks beautiful.

Alexander King
3 years ago

Such a beautiful color of ink!

3 years ago

Great color!

Scott D
3 years ago

Beautiful ink. It would be amazing if it was scented.

3 years ago

This is a really nice blue and economical too. I’m on the hunt for a soft, muted pink and would love a review of one

3 years ago

Thanks for the sweet giveaway! Blueberry Muffin ink could be the next review!

3 years ago

I love Iced Cookie so much. Beautiful color with nice shading.

Daniela Segrove
3 years ago

This is my favorite color and I’ve never tried Monteverde inks. So tempting!

Patrick E. Tinney
3 years ago

I love the various teal inks and have several. This looks to be a nice darker shade.

Jeff Sears
3 years ago

Beautiful color! I find myself being drawn to more real and turquoise inks. Thank gili flour the review

3 years ago

You can never have enough Teal ink! I’ll have to try this!

Steven Gordon
3 years ago

This color was really the standout for me in the MV Sweet Life line. Thanks for the review!

Heather Burke
3 years ago

This one is interesting!!

Ron Parish
3 years ago

Would you please review some of the old standby inks such as Waterman, Sheaffer and Parker? Thank you.

D N Atkinson
3 years ago

Mmm, love a tasty teal!

Colton H.
3 years ago

I like the depth in this teal. Not a bunch of shimmer/sparkle, which is nice for this shade. It makes me wonder how their red-based colors could be. I can see them having some really dry burgundies, which could be pretty appealing. I’d like to see any reds from Montverde like that reviewed next.

Roy C
3 years ago

Love Teal inks

3 years ago

Nice color

Austin Roy
3 years ago

seems like a nice solid blue/cobalt color