Platinum Curidas Retractable Fountain Pen Review by CraftyHeartCreations

Platinum Curidas Review: The Retractable Fountain Pen Everyone’s Talking About

Platinum recently released a new fountain pen design. While we love Platinum and a new release always gets the fountain pen world talking, the Platinum Curidas fountain pen got everyone talking on a different level. Why was everyone SO interested in this particular new release? One reason: Platinum’s Curidas fountain pen isn’t just any new fountain pen release, it’s a retractable fountain pen design.

Introducing the Platinum Curidas: Competition for the Pilot Vanishing Point

The Platinum Curidas isn’t the first retractable fountain pen offered to fountain pen enthusiasts. Previously, pen addicts that were interested in a retractable fountain pen had a few options (with most turning to Pilot’s Vanishing Point). In all honesty, we love Pilot around here. And we’re also pretty avid fans of the Vanishing Point. Still, when Platinum started talking about releasing the Curidas as another retractable fountain pen option, we were just as excited as the next guy. So, we made sure that as soon as we could get our hands on one, we got the Curidas out into the hands of reviewers so you would have all the information you need before you decided whether or not you need a Curidas to come live your pen collection.

Today’s Platinum Curidas Retractable Fountain Pen Review with Rebecca Martinez:

Rebecca Martinez (better known as @craftyheartcreations to some) sat down to review the new retractable fountain pen from Platinum. Here’s what she thought:

  • The Gran red color was gorgeous – a deep red that is accented nicely with the silver trim.
  • The retractable nature of the pen is handy and easy to use. She could retract the nib one-handed with no difficulty.
  • She loved the demonstrator barrel. It lets you see the movement of the trap door as it seals the interior of the pen when you retract the nib, as well as the other inner workings of the pen.
  • Rebecca appreciated that the clip was removable, but found she had no desire to remove the clip. The pen was comfortable in her hand, and she felt the grip was accommodating for both hand lettering projects and journaling.
  • In the video, you’ll see how easy it is to access the interior workings of the pen when you need to ink the Curidas Retractable fountain pen. Once you access the pen through the simple twisting mechanism, you ink the Curidas as you would any other fountain pen with no special treatment.
How Does the Platinum Curidas Retractable Fountain Pen Write

During the review, Rebecca inked the Platinum Curidas retractable fountain pen with her favorite J. Herbin ink.

How Does the Curidas Write?

When Rebecca put pen to paper (this particular Platinum Curidas is a fine nib), she had no trouble with ink flow or skipping. The Curidas was an all-around enjoyable pen. Watch the video to see writing samples and more details as Rebecca gets to know the Curidas!

Differences Between the Curidas and the Vanishing Point:

  • The Platinum Curidas clip is removable, while the Pilot Vanishing Point’s clip is not.
  • Generally speaking, the Pilot Vanishing Point is close to double the cost of a Platinum Curidas.
  • The Platinum Curidas is a demonstrator pen, and the material makes it lighter.
  • Platinum Curidas is a larger pen than the Vanishing Point, both larger in diameter and about 1/2″ longer (mostly in the knock mechanism). Some prefer the Vanishing Point’s size because they feel it fits in their shirt pocket better.
  • The Platinum Curidas comes with a stainless steel nib (one change that makes it a more affordable retractable fountain pen).
  • The trap door design that seals the pen after you retract the nib keeps the ink from drying up for up to 6 months (according to Platinum). In comparison, Vanishing Point users indicate that after leaving the pen sitting for a few weeks, the ink feels a bit on the stiff side.

For more information on the Platinum Curidas visit the product page at Pen Chalet or catch one of our other Platinum Curidas Retractable Fountain Pen reviews on YouTube or IGTV. Watch for more fountain pen reviews and fountain pen how-tos coming soon!