Kaweco Student fountain pen review

Kaweco Student Fountain Pen Review: A Smooth Glider

Let’s take a better look at a Kaweco. No, not THAT Kaweco. Everyone knows about the Kaweco Sport, but you don’t hear as many people talking about the Kaweco Student. And that’s a crime (or at least it should be)! Read today’s Kaweco Student fountain pen review, so we don’t try to track you down and arrest you for ignoring this fantastic offering from one of our favorite German pen designers.

Guest Reviewer: Logan J. or @LoganInks

Logan is a transcriber and illustrator, and she’s taken it upon herself to create a dedicated safe place for stationery of all types to frolic on her Instagram feed.

Logan’s Kaweco Student Fountain Pen Review: First Impression

kaweco student fountain pen review
The Kaweco Student 30’s Blues fountain pen, pen box, and packaging. // Credit: Logan J.

“My first impression is how smoothly it glides across the paper and its flexibility in terms of how I hold the pen. You’ll notice in the reel that I utilize both sides of the nib for thinner or thicker lines, an experience I’ve found to not always be the case with fountain pens. This is perfect for drawing in that I have more control over line weight.”

Kaweco Student Fountain Pen Review: The Pen’s Look!

The gold details give it a classy look — I’d expect to find this on the desk of someone more prestigious than myself, but that makes it all the more fun to use. While the gold is nothing too complex, it’s just enough to make it sleek and eye-catching. Kaweco knows the power of simplicity.

Writing and Drawing with the Kaweco Student Fountain Pen:

Kaweco student fountain pen review with the 30s blues
Kaweco Student 30s Blues fountain pen with a BB nib. // Credit: Logan J.

Despite the metal components, the pen is quite light in my hand. The weight it adds is minimal but comfortable. I’d compare it to being slightly heavier than a Kakuno Pilot Pen.

Let’s Talk About the Nib: Kaweco Student Fountain Pen Review

Kaweco Student fountain pen review
Logan describes the Kaweco Student fountain pen nib (BB) as super smooth. // Credit: Logan J.

What do I think about the nib? Smooth, so smooth I have to be mindful of how steady my hands are. A slight deviation and I could get a wobbly line. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, since I tend to prefer the feeling of a nib gliding across the paper over one that may easily catch on the tooth. It’s also nice using the double-broad nib, and I like that if I need a smaller line, I can just use the other side of the nib. I look forward to trying it with new inks because I find fine nibs make it harder to really see the variety in fountain pen inks.

Tell Us a Few of Your Favorite Things About the Kaweco Student:

Kaweco Student Fountain pen review in Logan J's hand
The Kaweco Student fountain pen is available in a variety of colors and nib sizes, but this pen is a BB nib in 30s Blues. // Credit: Logan J.

My favorite feature of the Kaweco Student fountain pen is either the etched nib or the metal component positioned at the top of the cap. It’s such a small detail, but I think those little features lend to its classy appeal. There’s actually nothing in particular that I DON’T like about this pen – at least not that I’ve noticed.

Final Conclusion: Kaweco Student Fountain Pen Review:

drawing with the Kaweco Student fountain pen BB nib
Logan loved working with the Kaweco Student fountain pen’s BB nib both as a double broad, and in reverse for a finer line. // Credit: Logan J.

I highly recommend the Kaweco Student fountain pen! It’s a simple design but still attractive. It seems very versatile to me when it comes to the overall aesthetic. For example, I think it would fit in nicely in a “dark academia” aesthetic, but I think it would fit equally well in a formal or professional setting. And the writing experience is equally beautiful with the way the nib glides across the paper; it’s definitely a very pleasant writer.