Waldmann Titan Pen Review with Christine E.

Waldmann Titan Pen Review: Luxury Titanium Pen is a Stunning Addition to Pen Collections

Read today’s Waldmann Titan pen review to hear how one of our frequent guest reviewers felt when she added this Waldmann pen to her pen collection.

just breakfasting with my waldmann titan fountain pen
Sublime journaling setup with the Waldmann Titan fountain pen. // Credit: Christine E.

Today’s Guest Reviewer: @from.pens.with.love

You’ve seen this guest reviewer pop up before if you’re a frequent visitor to the Pen Chalet Fountain pen blog, but just in case you are a new visitor. Christine is a fan of fountain pens, inks, paper, notebooks, and cool writing accessory and storage options, of course. If you already follow her on Instagram, you know she creates a wonderful story featuring many of the pens and inks and writing accessories you already love, plus some new discoveries you’ll be excited to get to know. Here’s what she thought of the Waldmann Titan fountain pen.

Christine’s Waldmann Titan Pen Review:

Waldmann Titan pen review, pen capped
Waldmann Titan fountain pen, capped. // Credit: Christine E.

“I’ll just say it: THIS is the pen of the year! In my not-so-humble opinion, there is nothing humble about this pen. It’s outstanding.

How Is the Waldmann Titan Fountain Pen Different from Other Waldmann Pens?

waldmann titan fountain pen is made of titanium
The Waldmann Titan fountain pen’s titanium material sets it apart from other pens of the same caliber. // Credit: Christine E.

The Waldmann Titan fountain pen is different from other Waldmann designs. The Titan pen is made almost entirely of sandblasted titanium. The material creates a very handsome, matte look and feel. Smooth to the touch, the Waldmann Titan fountain pen feels absolutely amazing. The titanium is grey giving the pen a very neutral look, but somehow at the same time the pen stands out and draws your attention.

The Waldmann Titan Fountain Pen: Specifications

waldmann titan pen clip and pen cap
The pen’s unique number is engraved on the side of the Waldmann Titan pen clip. // Credit: Christine E.

The Waldmann Titan fountain pen is a cartridge converter compatible with standard international size cartridges or converters. The standard nib unit houses a #5 steel nib. However, the rest of the pen parts (body, cap, and clip) are all titanium.

Waldmann Titan Pen Review: How Big is It?

waldmann titan fountain pen
The Waldmann Titan fountain pen is a bit heavier than the standard pen. // Credit: Christine E.

Slightly bigger, and heavier than the standard pen, the Waldmann Titan fountain pen has a very nice balance (I prefer writing with it unposted).

Let’s Talk About the Fountain Pen Nib:

waldmann titan fountain pen nib
The Waldmann Titan fountain pen nib. // Credit: Christine E.

Waldmann nibs are wonderful, trustworthy writers. They’re super smooth without any hard starts (even if you set them aside for several days). The nib’s steady ink flow handles long journaling sessions like a hero, and that’s no small accomplishment.

the waldmann titan fountain pen feed
A look at the Waldmann Titan fountain pen’s feed. // Credit: Christine E.

Waldmann Titan Fountain Pen Review: In Conclusion

Waldmann Titan pen review, pen capped closeup on cap and pen clip
Waldmann Titan pen review, pen capped closeup on cap and pen clip resting on the Sepia Infinite Stars pen rest. // Credit: Christine E.

To sum it up, in my highly biased (but for a good reason) opinion, this is the pen of the year for 2023. I stand by that so strongly that if you were to tell me that you only allowed yourself to purchase one pen in 2023, the Waldmann Titan fountain pen should be the one you buy.

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