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Top 5 Bestselling Twsbi ECO Colors of 2023: Most Popular Twsbi Fountain Pens

Do you know the top 5 bestselling Twsbi ECO colors of 2023? Most of you are familiar with the Twsbi ECO, one of the most popular Twsbi fountain pens and one of the most affordable ways to get your hands on a fountain pen with a well-made piston-filling system. Today, let’s look at which colors are the most popular!

5 Bestselling Twsbi ECO Colors of 2023:

Top 5 Twsbi ECO Colors of 2023: best selling fountain pens
According to sales data at from Jan. 1, 2018 through April 14, 2023.
  • Black 16.64% of total Twsbi ECO sales
  • Clear 16.64% of total Twsbi ECO sales
  • Jade 13.25% of total Twsbi ECO sales
  • White 10.54% of total Twsbi ECO sales
  • Blue 10.12% of total Twsbi ECO sales

Which Twsbi is the Best Twsbi?

But what about the Twsbi Eco Cerulean Blue fountain pen
But what about the Twsbi ECO Cerulean Blue fountain pen? // Seen here with Twsbi fountain pen inks and the Benu Skull pen holder.

Looking at these numbers, it appears that most of you prefer the more classic colors but have a weakness for that particular shade of Jade Green that came out last year. (I don’t blame you, that was a stellar color choice, and they got it spot on). However, I can’t help but wonder about those GLOW Green and GLOW Purple ECO releases. I utterly adore them, and I’ve heard nothing, but excitement and over the top jealousy of their existence in other people’s collections in my online stalking. It makes me wonder why the numbers don’t support the fandom level love for the GLOW options. Or maybe they’re just the fun options you add to your collection of more staid color choices. How do you build your Twsbi pen collection?

Are the Bestselling Twsbi Fountain Pen Colors Your Favorite Colors?

your favorite twsbi eco fountain pen color
What’s your favorite Twsbi ECO fountain pen color? Is it on the list of Top 5 bestsellers? // Seen here in Jade.

Do you buy your favorite colors when it comes to pens you’re adding to your collection? Or do you purchase your pens based on different criteria? Are you an obsessive purple pen collector? An only luxury Italian pens collector? A whatever tickles my fancy today and fits inside by pen budget (for the most part) type of guy? How do you decide your pen collection NEEDS a certain pen? I really want to know. Tell us all.

Not Just the Bestselling Twsbi ECO Colors of 2023:

bestselling twsbi eco fountian pen colors
What’s YOUR Top Pick for Best Twsbi ECO fountain pen color of all time? We’re not against the fact that Jade made the list. // Seen here with the Sassy Brassy Cat pen holder and the Ferris Wheel Press Rattan Sketchbook (A5).

You can find the bestselling Twsbi ECO fountain pen colors of 2023 in our online shop, but that’s not all you’ll find. You can discover so much more right along side Twsbi’s famous intro level piston filling fountain pens. For instance, we’ve added several new brands and products over the last year, and we’re looking forward to a new brand’s arrival. (We JUST added them this week. Hopefully, the shipment arrives quickly). We’re adding the product listings as we speak, and I can’t wait to share them with you. (Here’s a hint…they’re Japanese products). To be one of the first to know the big news, like new brands, new product releases, color releases coming soon, and more follow @penchalet on your favorite social media platform. And visit us soon to shop your favorite pens and inks, check out our sales and freebies, and enter the regular giveaways at