Krishna Autumn Orange ink review

Krishna Autumn Orange Ink Review

Today we’ve got a Krishna Autumn Orange ink review to introduce you to another ink from an ink maker that we always trust to bring us gorgeous inks that perform exceptionally well. If you aren’t yet familiar with Krishna inks, it’s about time you got a little up close and personal with one of these beautiful fountain pen inks. Read on for more details about this beautiful ink.

All About the Ink Maker: Krishna Inks

Dr. Sreekumar makes Krishna inks by hand in a workshop in Kerala, India. Dr. Sreekumar, a medical professional by day and fountain pen ink connoisseur by night, started his journey in the pen and ink world with a love of grinding and turning fountain pens. In 2010, he started making fountain pen inks, and it quickly turned into a full-blown passion.

The Ink Series: Krishna Special Series 20ml Fountain Pen Ink

Krishna Special Series 20ml fountain pen inks are handmade in India. The series highlights Krishna’s ingenuity in color design tied to the Indian culture. Each Krishna Special Series 20ml ink is made of high-quality raw materials, ensuring the ink flows smoothly out of your pen in vivid, rich shades. The Krishna Special Series 20ml inks are packaged in the brand’s new triangular 20ml glass ink bottle with a plastic threaded cap. Inks included in the Krishna Special Ink Series:

  • Elite Green
  • iBlack 5
  • Sufi
  • Winnolam
  • Autumn Orange

Autumn Orange ink is the one we chose to feature in this week’s ink review. Read on for the full Krishna Autumn Orange ink review!

Today’s Featured Ink: Krishna Autumn Orange Ink

Krishna Autumn Orange ink review

In today’s ink review, we’re getting a better look at Krishna Autumn Orange fountain pen ink. Let’s take a better look. Krishna Autumn Orange ink is a vivid orange fountain pen ink that goes down smoothly on paper, creates crisp lines, is easy to read, and provides you a beautiful orange so vivid you feel like it should have a different name to set it apart from all other oranges.

Products Used During the Krishna Autumn Orange Ink Review:

During today’s Krishna Autumn Orange ink review, we’re featuring a beautiful Krishna fountain pen ink. However, several other items pop up during the review. In case you’re curious, or you’d like to reenact what happened here today, here are the other items we used to conduct our tests and samples:

  • Col-o-ring Ink Testing Deck
  • J. Herbin Glass Dip Pen
  • cotton swab (at times dry and at times dipped in water)
  • Rhodia notebook (lined paper)

Krishna Autumn Orange Ink Review:

For today’s Krishna Autumn Orange ink review, we’ll take a look at how the ink is packaged, how fast it dries, and how the ink responds to water (during our standard water test). We’ll also take a look at how the ink performs with a cotton swab swatch and a writing sample.

Krishna Autumn Orange ink review
Get a look at the tests we conducted during this week’s review here.

What Type of Packaging and Ink Bottle Do They Use?

Krishna’s Autumn Orange ink comes in the brand’s newer 20ml glass ink bottle that has a triangular shape and a threaded cap that seals the bottle very well. The triangular bottles were designed to replace the previous 20ml ink bottles (smaller square bottles) and improve on their effectiveness. The box mimics the shape (triangle). Other than the shape, the identifying markings, brand info, etc. is kept very clean and simple. It’s a cleek and eye catching ink bottle. The only thing I would see as an improvement is a label for the exterior of the bottle identifying the ink.

How Fast Did Krishna Autumn Orange Ink Dry?

During our ink review, we saw a dry time of about 15-20 seconds. That’s a slower dry time, but the vivid nature of this orange ink leaves me without any reservations in spite of that.

How Does Krishna Autumn Orange Ink Hold Up Against Water?

We always conduct a water test to see how inks hold up against water during our ink reviews – even when they’re not supposed to be waterproof or water-resistant; it’s just good information to have. After conducting the water test, in which we put down a writing sample, let it dry for 3 minutes, and then run a wet cotton swab over the writing, this is what we saw:

  • There’s a clear effect on the writing when exposed to water.
  • Exposure to water resulted in feathering and smearing.
  • However, the lines are still visible and legible.

Did Krishna Autumn Orange Ink Exhibit Any Special Traits or Properties During the Review?

Krishna Autumn Orange ink review
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During the Krishna Autumn Orange ink review, we looked for any special traits or properties you might be interested in hearing about. We know we love to hear about inks that are great shaders or sheening inks that will add extra life to our writing. This ink didn’t exhibit any sheen and it’s not a shimmer or glistening ink. The only thing left to determine was shading properties. During our review, we didn’t see much evidence of possible shading properties. In fact, this ink went down with a very consistent powerfully vivid orange – consistent and dependable.

Was There Any Ghosting During the Krishna Autumn Orange Ink Review?

During our review, we saw no evidence of ghosting. We conducted the dry test and water test in a Rhodia-lined notebook.

Did Krishna Autumn Orange Ink Feather?

We didn’t see any feathering during today’s Krishna Autumn Orange ink review either.

How Much Does Krishna Autumn Orange Ink Cost?

Krishna Autumn Orange ink is a mid-range price ink. Considering it’s a foreign ink, is packaged in a display-quality ink bottle, and performs on the level of the highest quality ink on the market, it is well worth the price. Check for current sale pricing at

Final Conclusion: Krishna Autumn Orange Ink Review

When all is said and done, this is just a really high quality ink – especially for a mid-price range fountain pen ink. High quality ink for a mid-tier price range. The vivid, rich shade of orange goes down on paper so smooth, and offers great coloring for half the price of a more prestigious name brand ink. Krishna’s Autumn Orange is a particularly great ink for the fall season and for lovers of a rich orange shade.

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