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Dee Charles Pen Wipe Review Coming Soon - check out a sneak peek

Dee Charles Designs Pen Wipes: It’s a Thing & You Want to Know About It

Dee Charles Designs Pen Wipes - yes, it's a thing and yes, you definitely want to know about it. Some of you have already been asking about the Dee Charles pen wipes released in September 2020. To appease your curiosity and (and as a general public service), we got them into the hands of a

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How to Fill an Opus 88 Fountain Pen

How to Fill an Opus 88 Fountain Pen!

Opus 88 Fountain Pens have taken the world by storm. As the first U.S. Retailer to carry Opus 88, we've loved watching this wild ride. They've gone from practically unknown, to talked about everywhere! One of the unique qualities of their pens, is that they are all Japanese eyedroppers. Because of this un-common filling system,

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Dee Charles Designs Pen Cases

Dee Charles Designs Single Pen Sleeve Review and Giveaway!

Just as important as it is to have your perfect pen, we know it's important to have the perfect carrying case, too. This week we've tested and reviewed a local brand made here in Arizona; Dee Charles Designs. Created by two individuals who share a love for fountain pens, Dee Charles Designs is dedicated to

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Fountain Pen Gift Ideas Around $50

Looking for Fountain Pen gift ideas that won't break the bank? This time of year is a wonderful season no matter what your political or religious views may be. Pen Chalet hopes to help you alleviate the one frustrating part of the holiday season, what should I get (insert your favorite friend or loved one...).

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