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Dee Charles Designs Pen Wipes: It’s a Thing & You Want to Know About It

Dee Charles Designs Pen Wipes – yes, it’s a thing and yes, you definitely want to know about it. Some of you have already been asking about the Dee Charles pen wipes released in September 2020. To appease your curiosity and (and as a general public service), we got them into the hands of a few guest reviewers. Stay tuned to see some other fountain pen enthusiasts getting familiar with this new product. Is it a game changer? Do you need to add Dee Charles Designs Pen Wipes to your MUST HAVE list? You’ll know shortly. Don’t forget to check back for full reviews coming soon. For now, here’s a bit of a sneak peek!

Get to Know Dee Charles Designs: Hello, Have We Met?

Meet the Dee Charles Designs Pen Wipe + Montegrappa Harry Potter Sytherin House fountain pen
Featured: Dee Charles Pen Wipe in Rawhide Gold + Montegrappa Harry Potter Slytherin House fountain pen.

Dee Charles Designs is a manufacturer that creates high quality writing accessories. You may have seen one or two of their recent popular products here at Pen Chalet like the leather notebook covers or leather pen sleeves. Dee Charles Designs products are handcrafted and always made using the best materials.

Dee Charles Designs Pen Wipe is the Newest Release from Dee Charles Designs. We also love Dee Charles Designs Double Pen Sleeves.
The Dee Charles Designs Double Pen Sleeves are one of the best selling Dee Charles Designs products at

Dee Charles Designs products are designed to protect your precious pens, journals, notebooks, etc., but that’s not all. These high quality fine writing instrument accessories allow pen lovers everywhere to add a distinct flair to their collection – and their affordable pricing means changing the look depending on your mood is actually a viable option. Extremely functional and exceptionally durable, we love how these designs combine timeless basics with fun, unique details to create something that makes a statement without detracting from the intended purpose. It’s like a little black dress for your favorite pens, except they also protect them from damage, and come in a wide variety of color/stitching combinations.

What Are Dee Charles Pen Wipes and Why Do I Need Them?

We don’t blame you for having questions about the Dee Charles Designs Pen Wipe – we ourselves were a little unsure exactly how to define it when it arrived on our doorstep. (I mean, we ordered it and we were looking forward to adding it to inventory, but…) When it came time to create the product listing, the questions became clear…

  • Is the Dee Charles Designs Pen Wipe a wallet for your pen and ink cleaning cloths?
  • Or is it more of a notebook cover that doesn’t cover a notebook?
  • Maybe it would fall more into the category of specialty notebook – but instead of paper pages, it has specially designed fabric “pages” designed to clean your pen or nib without doing any damage.

To put it simply, the Dee Charles Designs Pen wipe is a handy, lovely, and fun leather wallet-style method of keeping cloths for safely wiping your fountain pen, and fountain pen nibs handy, but not laying all over the place. The snap closure firmly tucks them away when not in use, and when needed, they’re easily accessible. The soft cloths are secured in the case down the center creating 4 “pages” that you can use to clean your nibs when filling your fountain pens with ink, wipe off your pens to remove fingerprints or dust, etc. Anytime you need to put a cloth to your fountain pen or your fountain pen nib, you can turn to the Dee Charles Designs Pen Wipe.

Check out the Dee Charles Designs Pen Wipe with the Dee Charles Designs Double Pen Sleeve and Montegrappa's Harry Potter fountain pen.
Featured: Dee Charles Designs Pen Wipe in Olive Blue, Dee Charles Designs Double Pen Sleeve in Saddle Orange, Dee Charles Designs Double Pen Sleeve in Olive Always, a variety of Pelikan Edelstein inks, Dee Charles Designs Pen Wipe in Midnight Gold, and Montegrappa Harry Potter Sytherin fountain pen.

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