Diplomat Traveller fountain pen review with Pen Chalet and the Pen Gangsta

Dee Charles Pen Wipe and Diplomat Traveller Fountain Pen Review

Get details about the Dee Charles Pen Wipe & Diplomat Traveller Flame Fountain Pen in today’s review with the Pen Gangsta, frequent Pen Chalet guest reviewer.

Are you familiar with the Diplomat Aero fountain pen? Many of you will be, as it’s a very popular mid-range price fountain pen and has been for a while. Do you already have an Aero? (You may have watched the previous review of the Diplomat Aero fountain pen review). If you’re not familiar, get a glimpse at the Diplomat Aero fountain pen in flame here in the introduction of Pen Gangsta’s review of what she calls the Aero’s “little sister,” the Diplomat Traveller fountain pen. Dive into the full review – watch the video:

Or…if you prefer to get your fountain pen reviews in writing, read on. 

Our Guest Reviewer: Have you Met Vanessa, aka. The Pen Gangsta? 

Today’s Pen Chalet guest reviewer is The Pen Gangsta (a.k.a. @pen_gangsta – you may also know her by her alias, Vanessa Langton, but regardless, she’s a trusted source for all things fountain pen). Vanessa is an art historian by day who adores all things fountain pen and fountain pen ink related, and embraces a lot of hobbies that keep fountain pens and inks front and center in her day-to-day life. We really appreciate her straight forward review style. We hope you do, too!

Unboxing the Diplomat Traveller fountain pen in Flame: 

The first thing the Pen Gangsta got up to during her Diplomat Traveller fountain pen review was to do a quick fountain pen unboxing. The Diplomat Traveller comes in a cool, metal case (Vanessa suggests that it could double as a pencil box or something since the lining comes out. Then you wouldn’t need to “store” another pen box. Pen addict problem, right? Where do you store YOUR pen boxes? And how many do you have now?)

But back to the Diplomat Traveller fountain pen review…when you pull this fountain pen from the box, you’ll immediately notice the flame color or pattern. It’s the same as the Diplomat Aero flame with all the oranges, blues, and purples (although Vanessa did think that the orange may be a little more subdued on the Traveller). 

Comparing Our Two Diplomat Flame Fountain Pens: The Diplomat Traveller vs. Diplomat Aero

We loved that Vanessa started this Diplomat Traveller fountain pen review by comparing it to what she referred to as her big sister, the Diplomat Aero fountain pen. So what did she notice was different?

  1. The most obvious difference between the Traveller and the Aero isn’t something you’ll notice when you pull the pen out of the box. It’s something you’ll notice when you’re buying your Diplomat. The Diplomat Traveller is at a significantly lower price point than it’s big sister, the Diplomat Aero. Find current discounted pricing at PenChalet.com. 
  2. The Traveller is a slimmer design than the Aero, it’s compact size would make it a great choice for a purse pen or pocket pen. 
  3. The clip on the Traveller is particularly nice, very stylized. 
  4. The Traveller’s feed is different and it’s got a small #5 nib. 
  5. The Traveller fountain pen is much lighter than the Aero. 
  6. The Diplomat Traveller fountain pen doesn’t take up a lot of space. 
  7. The Traveller fountain pen section is plastic, not brushed metal like the Aero. 

The Pen Featured in the Diplomat Traveller Fountain Pen Review:

As we already mentioned, the Diplomat Traveller fountain pen featured in this fountain pen review with the Pen Gangsta is in Flame with a medium nib. But other options are available. We also compare the Traveller fountain pen featured in this fountain pen review with its “big sister.” The Big Sister pen in this scenario is the Diplomat Aero fountain pen in Flame, another gorgeous pen at a higher price point that is one of the best selling fountain pens of 2020. 

Comparing the Sister Flame Pens: Do We Have a Winner?

The Diplomat Traveller fountain pen is different than the Diplomat Aero fountain pen, but it’s at a different price point. In fact, it might just make it onto our upcoming list for the 2020’s Best Affordable Fountain Pens. If you’re not ready to take the financial plunge for a Diplomat Aero fountain pen, the Diplomat Traveller is a great, more affordable option. 

Cartridge, Converter, Inks and Inking: What’s the Story?

Unfortunately, the Diplomat Traveller fountain pen doesn’t come with an ink converter, but it DOES come with an ink cartridge, so the pen is ready to go as soon as you pop in the included cartridge. And if you like to choose your own ink, this pen DOES accept a Standard International Ink Converter

Some of Our Reviewer’s Favorite Things About Diplomat Pens: 

What’s so great about Diplomat pens? In our reviewer’s opinion, Diplomat steel nibs are some of the best steel nibs out there. They write really smooth – you’ll be amazed. 

Conclusions From Today’s Diplomat Traveller Fountain Pen Review: 

Our reviewer likes the overall look of the pen, both ends are silver and on one end they added the Diplomat logo with a classy, clear plastic overlay. The clip is springy enough to work with, a little stiff, but usable. She likes the silver band around the bottom of the cap that matches the other silver parts of the pen. The pen DOES post. (Vanessa thought it didn’t at first, but discovered that you have to apply a little pressure when posting the cap).

The one thing Vanessa didn’t love about the pen was that it was a bit difficult to uncap; she wasn’t sure if this was specific to the Diplomat Traveller she received or if it is a part of the overall pen design. To summarize, she calls this a really classy pen. It’s also fun, and affordable. It’s a great next level type of pen. For example, if you started with a Platinum Preppy and you’re looking for something a little classier with a little more oomph, this could be your pen.

Diplomat Traveller Fountain Pen Review featuring Dee Charles Pen Wipes
New Product Feature: Dee Charles Pen Wipes to protect your fountain pen nibs from scratching and damage during cleaning and inking.

Introducing the Dee Charles Designs Pen Wipe: Pen Wipe Review

Dee Charles Designs is a new company that produces leather goods for pens. The Dee Charles Designs Pen Wipe is very compact (can easily fit in your bag or purse or pocket). The Pen Wipe is for use when cleaning your pens or cleaning your nibs after inking your fountain pens. It seems particularly essential for anyone who inks their fountain pens on the go, but is just as handy if kept on your desk.

When you unsnap the wallet style closure and open it up, there’s soft, suede chamois (four different pieces) sewn in the center. It’s very soft, you may want to cuddle with it, but you should definitely give it some space because it’s not for you. It’s for your fountain pen nibs. The way it’s put together means you have 8 sides of the ultra soft cloth to wipe your pens. 

How to Use the Dee Charles Pen Wipe to Clean Your Nib After Inking: 

After inking your pen, you lay the Dee Charles Pen Wipe flat and wipe your nib on it instead of using a paper towel or rag. The chamois will be nice and gentle on your nib and won’t scratch it up. Watch the full Dee Charles Pen Wipe Review and Diplomat Traveller fountain pen review video above to see Vanessa use the pen wipe during the inking process. 

Check Out a Diplomat Traveller Writing Sample: 

While you’re checking out how handy the Dee Charles Designs Pen Wipe is to protect your fountain pen nibs from damage when cleaning off surplus ink, you can go ahead and keep watching to see Vanessa’s writing sample with the Diplomat Traveller Flame fountain pen. In this video, Vanessa puts an International Standard Converter in the Traveller before inking the Diplomat Traveller fountain pen (with a medium nib) with Monteverde Malibu Blue fountain pen ink. 

The Diplomat Traveller Fountain Pen: Your Inexpensive Alternative to the Diplomat Aero: 

The Diplomat Traveller is your more inexpensive option to the Diplomat Aero. It’s classy. It makes a nice gift – especially for someone new to fountain pens or someone ready for that next level fountain pen. Find your fountain pen gifts and accessories at PenChalet.com.