How to Fill an Opus 88 Fountain Pen

How to Fill an Opus 88 Fountain Pen!

Opus 88 Fountain Pens have taken the world by storm. As the first U.S. Retailer to carry Opus 88, we’ve loved watching this wild ride. They’ve gone from practically unknown, to talked about everywhere! One of the unique qualities of their pens, is that they are all Japanese eyedroppers. Because of this un-common filling system, we get questions all the time of how to fill an Opus 88 fountain pen. It’s simple! Continue reading for a step-by-step guide, along with a short video!

How to Fill an Opus 88 Fountain Pen

Filling an Opus 88 Fountain Pen is easy and quick. Here is a step-by-step guide for you to follow:

  1. First and foremost, disassemble your pen. Remove the cap, then remove the grip section from the barrel. The entire barrel will be used as an ink chamber.
  2. Next you will want to open the shut-off valve. Simply unscrew the valve to open. This step is important for later.
  3. Each Opus 88 Fountain Pen comes with an eyedropper included in the box. Fill the eyedropper with ink, and then put the ink into the barrel of your pen. You can also use a blunt-tipped syringe, bulb syringe, or pipette. Make sure to fill your pen over a sink, or an easily cleanable surface in case of spills.
  4. Then re-assemble your pen. Make sure to hold the now full barrel with the open end up while replacing the grip section. Doing otherwise will cause quite the mess!
  5. Now you will want to close the shut-off valve. With the nib pointed down, screw the valve closed. This will help ink move from the chamber into the feed. Alternatively, you can extend the rod connected to the shut-valve and press it down before closing the shut-off valve. This will fully prime the feed, but will cause some drops of ink to drip from the nib.
  6. Write with your newly inked pen!

That’s all there is to it! Opus 88 Fountain Pens are high-quality, simple to use, and hold a lot of ink! If you’ve never tried one, you need to! Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog so that you can get notified every time that we post! That way you can find out about giveaways, new pens and inks, and our how to guides, as soon as we post them! Comment below with what you think we should post about next! Remember, we have The Write Tools for the Analog Writer!