Dee Charles Designs Pen Wipe Review

Dee Charles Pen Wipe Review: a New Product from Dee Charles

Details about the Dee Charles Designs Pen Wipes or Pen Wipe Wallet as some call it, can be hard to come by! But that’s just because this is a new product that was just recently released. What is it? This 2020 release is a convenient way to keep fountain pen and fountain pen nib safe cloths accessible in a classic, leather carrying case. Whether you keep it on your desk, include it in your traveler’s notebook, take it to the office, or drop it in your pocket or purse, the Dee Charles Pen Wipe is the new standard for keeping your pens and nibs clean at home or on the go.

Watch the Dee Charles Designs Pen Wipe in Action:

Our Guest Reviewer’s Take on the Dee Charles Pen Wipe:

We recently got this exciting, new product into the hands of a few reviewers, and this is what one of them had to say:

“I wasn’t sure about these at first, but I think they’ve grown on me! They’re small, reusable, and convenient for cleaning nibs. And best part, they fit in a traveler’s notebook! I’m mostly just a fan of the reusable part. The biggest reason I got into fountain pens in the first place was because I wanted something I could use for a long time. It seemed a little more eco-friendly. So if I can have something to clean my pens that’s both reusable and travel-friendly, then even better.”

-Melyssa Naujoks, @acourtofwingsandjournals, frequent Pen Chalet guest reviewer, Dee Charles Pen Wipe featured below is in Saddle Black alongside the Kaweco Student Fountain Pen in 70’s Soul.

2020 Product Release: Pen Wipes or Pen Wipe Wallet

Dee Charles Designs Pen Wipes are a reusable tool for avid fountain pen fans who like to:

  • Avoid making a mess with their fountain pen inks
  • Have easy access to safe cloths to wipe their fountain pens and nibs

The Creator: Dee Charles Designs, Leather Pen Accessories

Dee Charles Designs is the creator of this innovative new product released in 2020, and it’s a favorite around here, but it’s not their only popular pen accessory. Other products from Dee Charles that many pen enthusiasts are…well, enthusiastic about, include: single pen sleeves, double pen sleeves, and notebook covers. The leather is beautiful, and comes in a variety of colors, and each product is accented by fun, contrasting colored stitching that not only provides a great visual contrast for the high quality leather goods, but provides an additional texture to the products. The pen sleeves are lined with various fabrics depending on the color combination.

The Video Credits:

Created and submitted by Melyssa Naujoks, Pen Chalet guest reviewer. Pen: Kaweco Student fountain pen. Ink: Noodlers Purple Mountain Majesty fountain pen ink. Music: That Day. Musician: Jeff Kaale.

See the Dee Charles Pen Wipes up close. Learn how use them to keep your fountain pen nib safe and avoid messes when inking your fountain pens. Get your Dee Charles Pen Wipe at!

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3 years ago

Are each “wipe pages” washable and if so, would they keep their same cleaning nibs properties?
Thank you

3 years ago

Can you please tell us which color wallet she’s using in her photos? Thank you.