new pen products of 2020

New Pen Products of 2020 & the Year’s New Brands

Ready to reminisce about some of the best new pen products of 2020? Looking back at 2020, there’s a lot to say. But today we’re limiting ourselves to good headlines only! So don’t be scared to look back at 2020 for the next few minutes.

Best New Pen Products of 2020: Dee Charles Pen Wipe Wallets

Dee Charles Designs Pen Wipes or Pen Wipe Wallet is a convenient way to keep fountain pen safe (and nib-safe) cloths accessible in a lovely, and classic leather carrying case or wallet. The small size (approx. 3″x5″) makes it easy to store in a drawer, drop in a purse or pocket or simply set it aside on your desk as you work without feeling like you’re surrounded by an inky mess. The innovative, new product offers a great solution to that inky cloth hanging out on many fountain pen users’ desks. {Dee Charles Designs even responded to requests following the Pen Wipe’s initial release and added a “refillable” feature for those who wish to remove their inset cloths and replace them with a new set}. We didn’t even have to think twice when we decided we needed to name one product for Best New Pen Products of 2020; Dee Charles’ Pen Wipe was the obvious choice. See the Dee Charles Pen Wipes in action here!

Best New Ink Brand Added to Inventory: Van Dieman’s Inks

Van Dieman's Ink Review on Pen Chalet
Ink review and photo credit: A. Vahanvati aka instagram @avahanvati

We added Van Dieman’s inks to our inventory in early 2020, and they’ve been wildly popular ever since they hit the shelves. Not only have they required restocking many times over, but their immense popularity led us to continue widening the variety of Van Dieman’s inks we carry in stock. As one of the few US retailers offering this Aussie ink, it seems like the least we could do. We currently offer 5 different Van Dieman’s ink series:

And we even have ink samples available from four of the five Van Dieman’s ink series if you prefer ink samples over full size bottles of ink.

Best New Pen Brands Added to Inventory in 2020: Cross, S.T. Dupont, YStudio, and Tibaldi

We added a number of new pen brands to the Pen Chalet inventory in 2020, but a few of the standouts are Cross, S.T. Dupont, Tibaldi and YStudio.

Get to Know Cross Pens: Best New Presidential Brand of 2020

With Cross, you get a lot of history. For instance, did you know that this pen company was founded in 1846? Cross has also been the official supplier of pens to the White House through several U.S. Presidents’ time in office. All US presidents from Gerald Ford to Donald Trump signed legislation using Cross Pens (earlier Presidents may have done so, but there are no official records). Some Presidential favorites include the Cross Townsend and the Cross Century II, but we lean towards the Cross ATX fountain pen or the Cross Peerless 125 fountain pen.

Get to Know S.T. Dupont: Best New Royal Brand of 2020

With S.T. Dupont, you get another pen company with a long story. These pens have been a frequent choice for both royalty and celebrities. S.T. Dupont pen design features meticulous attention to detail, and knowledge of precision pen-making techniques based on their history in the industry. If you need a prime example of exquisite S.T. Dupont craftsmanship, consider a couple of our favorites: the S.T. Dupont Diamond Guilloche Fountain Pen, or theHippocrates Sword Collection Fountain Pen.

Get to Know YStudio: Best New Taiwanese Design Brand of 2020

YStudio stands out in the industry. Not only because their unique method of combining Taiwanese design elements with artisan-level craftsmanship creates gorgeous, and efficient (weird word, but if you’re familiar with YStudio you’ll get it) pens, but also because their dedication to detail is extraordinary. The dedication to every details is extremely evident in everything they do; from the packaging to the pen itself to the marketing materials and company tag lines. The entire YStudio experience is a stand out success in discovering something you have to offer a classic and diving in head first to share what you discovered with the world (or the pen world in this case). If you have no idea what we’re talking about, you haven’t looked into this brand much yet. Consider a couple of our favorites: YStudio Brassing Portable fountain pens or YStudio Classic Sketching Mechanical Pencils.

Get to Know Tibaldi: Best New Italian Brand of 2020

new pen products in 2020

Tibaldi is not a new pen brand, they’ve been around a long time, but they are new to the Pen Chalet inventory, and as soon as they arrived we knew they were different. The Tibaldi designs features a stunning combination of historically classic design elements and modern street style. You’ll see exactly what we mean when you check out a few of our favorite Tibaldi fountain pens: the Tibaldi Perfecta fountain pen, and the Tibaldi Bononia fountain pen.

You can say a lot of things about 2020, but remember that whatever else you say, you can ALSO say that 2020 brought you a new solution for avoiding messy fountain pen nibs, a whole array of new Australian fountain pen inks, and countless new, beautiful pens to consider for your collection. Watch for more 2020 pen nostalgia coming soon. And find all your favorite pens and inks at your favorite pen retailer,