Retro 51 Hubble Rollerball Pen

Exclusive Retro 51 Hubble Rollerball Pens

The exclusive Retro 51 Hubble rollerball pen is ready to help pen fans escape to the stars. The distinctive design serves as a tribute to truth-seeking souls who make history, break barriers, and discover the unknown.

Introducing the Latest Retro 51 Exclusive: The Hubble

Styled after the actual Hubble observatory, the first major optical telescope to be placed in space, this pen’s design mimics its namesake’s momentous contributions by breaking a few boundaries of its own. The Pen Chalet Exclusive Retro 51 Hubble Rollerball pen is the first to combine three specific design elements: an etched barrel design + glow in the dark elements + a pen tip in a different color than the pen barrel/end cap. It’s basically history in the making.

Exclusive Retro 51 Hubble Rollerball Pen
Announcing the exclusive Retro 51 Hubble rollerball!

More About the Retro 51 Hubble Pen Design:

The Hubble pen’s stainless steel barrel has an etched design representing the Hubble observatory. The etching adds texture and depth to the details. The glow in the dark elements light up the celestial bodies as the Hubble observes, and the black pen tip takes you from the famous observatory straight in to outer space.

Announcing the exclusive Retro 51 Hubble rollerball pen

Iconic Design Features We All Love About Retro 51 Rollerball Pens:

The limited edition exclusive rollerball also features a few design features iconic to the Retro 51 brand. You’ll recognize the knurl twist-top, the classic barrel, and clip design, and, of course, the smooth rollerball refill. And, as always, each LE Retro 51 Hubble pen is packaged in a graphic tube that doubles as a pen stand (and a safe way of carrying or storing your Tornado when not in use).

What is an “Exclusive” and What’s So Exclusive About a Retro 51 Exclusive?

Retro 51 works with various retailers to create exclusive pen designs that are sold only at their store or outlet. Retailers generally choose the theme of the pen design, and the Retro 51 designers take it from there. The process is individual to each design/collaboration, and the results are widely varied. It creates the opportunity for some very unique, timely releases.

The Inspiration for Pen Chalet’s Exclusive Retro 51 Hubble Rollerball Pen:

In 1990 the Hubble Observatory was placed 547 kilometers above the earth beyond the distortions of earth’s atmosphere gaining an unobstructed view of our universe, so we’re limiting this iconic pen to only 547 individually numbered pens. The Hubble, the latest in a long line of successful and popular exclusive Retro 51 pen releases, is bound to take the universe by storm.

Just 400 years ago, Galileo pointed the first telescope towards the sky, and he opened the way for an endless number of possibilities. In the centuries since, telescopes have evolved (in complexity, size, and capability). Our view of the universe and our place in it will never be the same. Take you own trek through space with the new Retro 51 Hubble Rollerball, exclusively available at Pen Chalet.

Indulge Your Passion for Fine Writing with an Exclusive Pen Chalet Retro 51 Pen:

It’s easy to indulge your passion for fine writing with Retro 51 pens – but only if you’re fast because exclusive Retro 51 pens are notorious for selling out as soon as they’re released. Celebrate the eccentricities and curiosity that have led great discoverers throughout history to open doors no one knew were closed.