wearingeul jung ji-yong ink review

Wearingeul Jung Ji-Yong Ink Review for National Poetry Month

Hold on to your pens and inks, ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got a surprise for you this week. This week’s ink review, is a TikTok video review with one of our guest reviewers on the newest platform. We got him a complete set so he could go through these poetry-inspired inks for National Poetry Month! Watch the Wearingeul Jung Ji-Yong ink review featuring all 4 inks in this collection (as of April 2022 with the 4th ink release, the Exile of Flower).

Watch the Wearingeul Jung Ji-Yong Ink Review:

Today’s Guest Reviewer: @HemingwayJones (or Tim)

If you are a fountain pen enthusiast who is already a fan of TikTok, you might already be familiar with this particular user. He’s a frequent fountain pen reviewer, a sharer of inspiration, an encourager of aspirations, and sometimes a ninja (we say this based solely on the fact that we’ve seen him use nunchucks).

Wearingeul Jung Ji-Yong Ink Collection Review: the Highlights (for the video-haters)

If you dislike video reviews, here’s the overall info in writing (mostly in the words of @HemingwayJones).

Aptly named, Floating Cloud is a usable pink ink that looks quite dark on the page, and would give some nice color to your journal.

Grape-colored Night (glistening) is perfectly named. It is quite a grapey hue, but it looks amazing on the page with some nice contrast (very nice shading possibilities).

The Exile of Flower (recently released April 2022) and our reviewer would buy this ink on its name alone! But it IS a usable orange which is not easy – wonderfully pastel and has some great dark shades. This is amazing Spring orange.

A Watery Star (glistening) is the rare pastel blue that looks great on the page with excellent contrast in this beautiful spring color.

Explore More Wearingeul Literature Inspired Inks:

Wearingeul is one of our newer ink brands. We just picked them up in early 2022. So far, we’ve been very impressed with their inks, their bottles, their packaging, and, of course, we LOVE the literature theme. We’re over the top excited about their May 2022 releases – and can’t wait to share them with you.

Looking for the Giveaway that Usually Accompanies our Weekly Ink Reviews?

If you’re looking for the giveaway that usually accompanies our weekly ink reviews, never fear. It IS happening. However, while we’re giving away 2 complete Wearingeul Jung Ji-Yong Ink Collection (including all 4 of the currently released inks), this particular giveaway is a TikTok exclusive giveaway. So, if you’re a TikTok fan, get over there and track down the giveaway post to Enter to Win! Just search for @PenChalet on TikTok and you should find us! If you’re not a TikTok fan, are you sure you don’t want to be? This giveaway alone might make it worth downloading the app. But if not – don’t worry about a thing! You know there are more giveaways to come. And as always, we’ll keep you posted!

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