Wearingeul Cowardly Lion Ink Review & Giveaway: Wonderful Wizard of Oz Literary Collection

This month’s Wearingeul Cowardly Lion ink review is right on time to throw the focus on this new ink brand in honor of National Poetry Month! We’ll be celebrating National Poetry Month all month long by highlighting poets around the world, but Wearingeul doesn’t just focus on the impact of great writers and poets for one month each year – Wearingeul actually creates their entire product line to reinterpret and share poetry and literature. It’s a life goal we can really get behind.

All About the Ink Maker: Wearingeul

A brand new brand for Pen Chalet – we just recently introduced Wearingeul in 2022, and their inks have exploded off our shelves. We can’t keep them in stock. Manufactured in Korea, the Wearingeul is known for creating interpretive inks based on popular literature, classic literary masterpieces, fairy tales, legends, and poetry. We currently carry 9 different Wearingeul Literary Collections, including 1 specialty product listed as a fountain pen ink that isn’t actually an ink (Glitter Potion – you may have read our previous review featuring this little bit of magic), and 2 fountain pen ink sets that we can’t. stop. talking. about. Wearingeul inks are inspired by great writers and literary works of art and are separated into “themed” ink collections:

Re-discover elements of your favorite worldwide masterpieces, fairy tales, and legends with Wearingeul. You’ll love seeing the art of writing brought to life in color.

This week’s featured ink is Wearingeul Cowardly Lion ink, one of 4 inks, 5 Wearingeul Glitter Potions (used to turn your non-glistening inks into glistening inks as if the Wonderful Wizard of Oz granted your wish), and one complete Wearingeul Wonderful Wizard of Oz Spell Book fountain pen ink set (including the 4 inks and 4 10ml glitter potions) in the Wearingeul Wonderful Wizard of Oz Literary Ink Collection inspired by L. Frank Baum’s famous stories of Dorothy and the magical land of Oz.

All About The Ink Series: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Literary Collection

This week’s ink, Cowardly Lion ink, is part of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Literary Collection recently added to the Pen Chalet inventory.

The Wearingeul The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Literature Collection includes 4 different 30ml shading ink colors:

Dorothy (shading ink)

Tin Woodsman (shading ink)

Scarecrow (shading + color-changing ink)

Cowardly Lion (shading ink)

The inks in this collection are joined by a set of Glitter Potions: Silver Shoes, Heart, Brains, and Brave PLUS a new release for April, Emerald Castle Glitter Potion (available in the standard 30ml ink bottle instead of the 10ml ink bottle used for the Glitter potions – but only for a limited time). Each ink in the Wonderful Wizard of Oz Literary Collection is inspired by one of L. Frank Baum’s well-known literary characters (and each Glitter Potion is inspired by an item or place they sought on their journey through Oz. Experience the foursome’s quest down the yellow brick road all over again in a whole new way with the Wearingeul Literary Collection.

Today we’ll take a look at the Wearingeul Wizard of Oz Literary Collection Cowardly Lion ink.

All About This Week’s Feature: Wearingeul Cowardly Lion Ink

This week we’ll be checking out the Wearingeul Cowardly Lion ink, a light golden-brown ink with a hint of red reflecting the color of the lion’s mane, and offering great shading possibilities. Come with us to experience L. Frank Baum’s famous character’s struggle to be brave in COLOR!

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It’s Time: Wearingeul Cowardly Lion Ink Review

For this Wearingeul Cowardly Lion ink review, we put the new ink to the test to see how ti performed with some of our standard ink testing materials and paper products.

Cowardly Lion Ink Review and giveaway
Read the Wearingeul Wonderful Wizard of Oz Literary Ink Collection Cowardly Lion ink review results here.

Ink Review Testing Factors (to keep things scientific):

As usual, we used a French-made J. Herbin spiral glass dip pen (with a tip comparable to a medium-fine fountain pen nib) on Clairefontaine Triomphe paper. As always, we want to remind you that different papers or different nib sizes may produce different results!

What Sort of Ink Bottle Does Wearingeul Use?

Wearingeul Cowardly Lion ink comes in a heavy-weighted square 30ml glass ink bottle. We’d consider the Wearingeul 30ml ink bottle a display-quality, collectible bottle for those who are interested in glass ink bottles as ink wells. The bottle has a medium-sized, ribbed lid that opens easily, and provides plenty of space to ink your fountain pen directly from the bottle if you’d like. Wearingeul inks have very professional outer packaging and inks are secured with a minimal amount of interior lining. The Cowardly Lion ink is clearly marked with the full label reflecting the overall color of the ink and the ink name printed in a large font on the front of the square ink bottle. The ink also includes a small card inside the box with the ink that shows a “swatch” of the ink color, the ink collection name, the ink name, and codes identifying the exact colors used in this ink (RGB 85 / 53 / 39 and PANTONE 7609 U). The simple, light gray cardboard box also has very clear labeling with the brand reflected with tastefully placed logos on the box. The name of the ink is printed in large text on a label the color of the ink along with the name of the ink collection, the size of the included ink bottle, and the same information printed again in small text on the side label along with the ink’s item number, UPC code, etc. Overall, the Wearingeul packaging is simple, clear, pleasing to look at, and effective.

How Much Do Wearingeul Literary Collection Inks Cost?

Wearingeul 30ml Wizard of Oz Literary Collection inks are a mid-range priced ink. We consider them a fairly good value for a unique ink imported from Korea. Look for the best prices at PenChalet.com.

How Did Cowardly Lion Ink Perform in the 1-Dip Test?

We applied our standard one dip test to see how far Wearingeul Cowardly Lion ink would write on paper (dipping the dip pen in the ink only on time). Cowardly Lion easily wrote across the paper on all three writing samples (one dip per writing sample, S, X, and scribble lines).

What was the Dry Time During the Cowardly Lion Ink Review?

During our review, Wearingeul Cowardly Lion ink showed a dry time of approximately 2-4 seconds with medium saturation. The super quick dry time makes it a great choice as an everyday ink.

Did Cowardly Lion Show Any Bleed Through During the Ink Review?

We saw zero bleeding during normal use with Rhodia dot pad paper, and we only saw some very slight bleeding during the Cotton Swab Test (and only at the wettest points).

Was There Any Feathering with Cowardly Lion Ink?

We saw no feathering during normal use, and only very slight feathering during the water test.

How Does Cowardly Lion Stand Up to Water?

Wearingeul’s Cowardly Lion wasn’t waterproof, but it was pretty close. We always test the inks each week even if they aren’t supposed to be able to withstand exposure to water, so we have an idea of how they’d react to exposure. Here’s what we saw when we subjected Cowardly Lion to our standard water test:

  • Very light color smearing
  • Lines very legible
  • Almost no distortion at all
  • Almost zero additional feathering

In case you aren’t sure what that means – Wearingeul Cowardly Lion ink held up very well to the water test.

Does this Week’s Ink Show Good Shading Traits?

The Wearingeul Literary Collection Wizard of Oz Cowardly Lion ink has some very nice shading possibilities depending on the pen, nib, and penmanship used.

Final Conclusion on Wearingeul Cowardly Lion Ink:

Wearingeul Cowardly Lion ink is a mid-range priced ink in a very beautiful, light, golden-brown color with a super quick dry time. Created by a new, fun, and interesting Korean ink company, Cowardly Lion joins the Wonderful Wizard of Oz Literary Ink Collection highlighting the stories of L. Frank Baum. In addition to the Wizard of Oz ink collection, Wearingeul offers several other literary ink collection inspired by different authors, poets, and literature from around the world. The Wearingeul ink bottle is a heavy-weighted, display-quality, 30ml glass ink bottle, and it comes packaged in classy, clear packaging. Each of the Wearingeul inks bring a piece of a story, a character or a moment from a poem to gorgeous, colorful life. Discover more inks inspired by literature from around the world with Wearingeul. Happy writing from Korea!

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