2020 pen gifts for the holidays

Get Your 2020 Pen Gifts in time for the Holidays: Shop Early!

Get your 2020 pen gifts in time for the holidays and avoid the nail-biting stress of shipping delays due to the typical holiday shipping bottlenecks combined with the unique circumstances 2020 has created as shipping facilities and distribution centers around the world institute social distancing policies for employee safety. 2020 is a year with no precedent, so making predictions is almost impossible, but one thing we can say for sure is that if you want to make sure you get everything on your wish list (or your favorite pen fans’ wish lists), you should order early. While not always an issue with every order, shipping delays are still present due to social distancing requirements at various shipping facilities and distribution centers.

Holiday Releases Are Being Added Early So You Can Shop Early:

In an effort to help everyone get their hands on the 2020 pen gifts, fountain pens, fountain pen inks, rollerballs and ballpoints that need to be wrapped up or secreted away for the big day, we’re adding holiday specials, and holiday pen and ink releases to inventory as soon as they’re available. That way you have as much time as possible to take advantage of deals and special pricing, and plenty of time to receive them before the holidays. Like these Lamy Safari and Lamy AL-Star fountain pen and ink gift sets that include everything you need (outside of the paper) to get started using fountain pens. It’s the perfect gift for a fountain pen newbie, or for anyone looking for a great price on a new Lamy fountain pen and ink.

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The Esterbrook Estie OS Sparkle fountain pen will be sneaking into stockings everywhere this holiday season.

Get Your Shopping for 2020 Pen Gifts Done Early this Holiday Season

Luckily, ordering early to avoid shipping delay issues and holiday shipping bottlenecks can mean taking advantage of Fountain Pen Day Sales! So you get your 2020 pen gifts in plenty of time AND get fabulous deals – it’s a win-win.

Fountain Pen Day: What’s That?

If you’re not already a big fan of Fountain Pen Day, you just haven’t experienced it yet. It’s pretty much the best day of the year. The 1st Friday of November is set aside as a day for fountain pen enthusiasts to celebrate, embrace, promote, and share their love of fountain pens! And we call it Fountain Pen Day. We didn’t create it, and we didn’t name it. We just love it like all the other fountain pen fans out there. For all the details about what Fountain Pen Day is and where it came from, you can visit the official Fountain Pen Day website.

Fountain Pen Day Pen Chalet Style: Exclusives, Sales, and Giveaways

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Just a handful of the giveaway prizes we’ll be mailing out with orders this Fountain Pen Day!

Fountain Pen Day GIVEAWAYS: At Pen Chalet, we celebrate and share our love of fountain pens quite literally with massive giveaways, (we currently have 35 prizes with a total value close to $6,000). There’s even a Retro 51 fountain pen prototype (never sold) available in one of this year’s Fountain Pen Day giveaways! We’re kind of jealous one of you gets to win it. You can enter to win NOW (visit out Fountain Pen Day party page for details), PLUS random orders placed on Fountain Pen Day 2020 will be randomly selected throughout the day to win a prize.

Fountain Pen Day SALES: You’ll also want to visit for ridiculous prices on select sale items (great prices means more 2020 pen gifts for you and yours). You’ll find amazing deals on the most popular ballpoint pens, rollerball pens, and even some of your all time favorite fountain pens. {You may even find that one of your favorite ink brands will be featured in a BOGO that you don’t want to miss}.

Fountain Pen Day EXCLUSIVES: Plus, this year, in celebration of the big day, we collaborated with Robert Oster (you’ve most likely enjoyed one or two…or 20…of his gorgeous fountain pen inks in the past) to create Pen Chalet Exclusive Robert Oster Special Edition Antelope Canyon fountain pen ink.

2020 pen gifts for the holidays dee charles designs pen wipe
The Dee Charles Designs leather pen accessory products are popping up on everyone’s 2020 wish list.

Not Sure What To Buy on Fountain Pen Day 2020?

If you KNOW you want to take advantage of this once a year chance to get great deals on great pens and inks, but you aren’t sure what to buy (either for yourself or for your favorite fountain pen addicts), we have a few great 2020 pen gift suggestions for you.

Tips for Great 2020 Pen Gift-Giving this Holiday Season:

  1. Take advantage of the opportunity to get great prices on great pens to purchase any corporate gifts you’ll need for the holidays.
  2. Don’t forget that many popular fountain pens, rollerball pens, and ballpoint pens offer the option for corporate engravings or personal engravings to make your 2020 pen gifts even more perfect for each recipient.
  3. If you hate wrapping gifts (it’s okay we won’t tell people you’re basically the Grinch), you don’t have to! Just request gift wrapping (Both Christmas and Hanukkah options available).
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Highly Recommended Pen Accessories, Fountain Pen Inks, and Pens for 2020 Pen Gifts:

For Newbies: Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen, The Twsbi Eco fountain pen, the Platinum Plaisir (you COULD surprise them with a set of the 3 new colors released for the 10th anniversary), the Kaweco Classic Sport fountain pen or the Kaweco Skyline Sport fountain pen, and to keep it safe…the Dee Charles Single or Double Pen Sleeve.

For Ink Collectors: Montegrappa Harry Potter ink series, a new 2020 product the Dee Charles Pen Wipe, Pen Chalet Exclusive Robert Oster Antelope Canyon ink, Pelikan Edelstein Ink of the Year (the 2020 release was Moonstone), Sailor USA 50 States Inks (6 ink colors representing 6 states have been released so far), Robert Oster Limited Edition Holiday inks.

For Pen Masters: the Pilot Custom 823 fountain pen (if they don’t already own it, it’s probably been on their list for ages), the Pelikan Souveran 405 Silver-White fountain pen, the Leonardo Officina Italiana Messenger Fountain Pen, the Conklin Endura Limited Edition Fountain Pen, Conklin Mark Twain Limited Edition Fountain Pen, Montegrappa Limited Edition Fortuna Dalmatian Fountain Pen, or the TWSBI Vac700R Iris Fountain Pens.

For the Grail Hunters: Montegrappa Extra Verses Limited Edition Fountain Pen, Aurora Edo Cento Italia Fountain Pen, Cross Peerless Star Wars™ Darth Vader™ Fountain Pen, Visconti Caesar’s Firenze Fountain Pen, Leonardo Officina Italiana Momento Zero Grande Tredici Fountain Pen, or Pineider Back to the Future Fountain Pen.

For the Non-Fountain Pen Enthusiasts: Caran d’Ache Claim Your Own Style Edition II Ballpoint Pens, Retro 51 Tornado Poppers, Esterbrook Limited Edition Maraschino Estie Rollerball Pen, or Pen Chalet Exclusive Retro 51 Typewriter rollerball pens,

For Harry Potter Fans Who Love Pens: Montegrappa Harry Potter (50 ml) Fountain Pen Ink, Montegrappa Harry Potter Hogwarts Pen Cases, and Montegrappa Harry Potter Fountain Pens.

Special 2020 Fountain Pen Day Bonus? Perfect Time for Holiday Gift Buying

Due to the extraordinary nature of the last several months (basically 2020 in general), Fountain Pen Day sales, deals, and giveaways have taken on extra meaning. It’s the perfect time not only to get a jump on your holiday shopping, but make sure you’ve got your essential holiday gifts in hand for the big moments you don’t want to go into gift-less. Go ahead and do your pre-shopping now at PenChalet.com so you know what you want when Fountain Pen Day arrives. It’s going to be here before you know it!