2021 changes to tomoe river paper_endless recorder notebooks

Update: 2021 Tomoe River Paper Changes with Endless Notebooks

Many of you have been checking in for updates on the 2021 Tomoe River paper changes and how it’s going to affect your ability to get your hands on the highly prized paper and the products that feature the brand. One of the products that feature Tomoe River Paper products come from Endless – the Endless Storyboard Notebooks and Endless Recorder Notebooks.

Big Reveal coming! If you don’t need to catch up and you just want the BIG NEWS…scroll down to the Big Reveal closer to the end of today’s feature!

2021 changes to tomoe river paper_endless storyboard notebooks
Endless Storyboard notebooks are one of the popular products that have always used Tomoe River Paper (68gsm). As of Sept. 2021, they will include the new 68gsm variant, but BIGGER changes are coming soon.

Catching Up: What is Tomoe River Paper and Why Is Everyone Getting Worked Up About It?

Tomoe River Paper is a specific brand of paper made in Japan by the Tomoegawa Paper Company. The original use of the unique Tomoe River papers was for dictionaries printed in Japan. The paper eventually became a highly requested paper product popular amongst both calligraphers and fountain pen enthusiasts. The paper is machine made, 100% Sulphite, and is available in Cream and White.

What Happened with Tomoe River Paper in 2021?

Most of you are aware that the company that produces Tomoe River paper faced some changes in 2021. This year, their paper is being made on different machines, and many fear the change may affect how the paper performs. This led many Tomoe River paper fans to stock up on their favorite products. Some of the popular products produced using Tomoe River paper come from Endless (Endless Storyboard Notebooks, Endless Recorder Notebooks, etc.)

The Endless Notebooks & Tomoe River Paper:

Endless Notebooks have always been produced using the Tomoe River Paper 68gsm. Along with other industry leaders that carry product lines featuring the popular Japanese paper, Endless took note of the situation early on and has been trouble shooting, brainstorming and experimenting for months.

Update on Endless Notebooks & Tomoe River Paper:

While some worry about the future production of Tomoe River paper altogether, what we know for certain is that paper produced in 2021 is made on the company’s new machines, and it’s been indicated that there has been some variation in quality. However, the variation in quality is primarily limited to the 52gsm Tomoe River variant. Endless Notebooks (that only use the 68gsm variant) had enough Tomoe River Paper in stock to fulfill their product needs for a large portion of 2021 using the “old” Tomoe River Paper. However, their stock of pre-2021 Tomoe River Paper is officially gone as of September 2021. As of September 2021, Endless will start using the new 68 gsm variant for their notebooks. (Hint: this is not their end game…make sure to read further to find out what’s coming soon!)

Tomoe River Paper 68gsm, Then and Now:

So how does the pre-2021 Tomoe River Paper 68gsm variant compare to the 2021 Tomoe River Paper 68gsm? After their own tests on site, Endless found that there is almost no difference between the pre-2021 paper and the 2021 paper when testing 68gsm variants. The properties of the paper and the paper quality remain the same. There is no outward indication added to the notebook itself or the packaging on Endless notebooks that indicates when the Tomoe River Paper was made or if the 68gsm variant was created pre-2021 or later.

The Next Step for Endless Storyboard Notebooks

Endless will not be using the Tomoe River paper after the current run of production. The Tomoe River notebooks will be available only while current supplies last (and Endless estimates they’ll be in stock for just another few months).

BIG REVEAL: ENDLESS PAPER for Endless Notebooks

When the situation with Tomoe River Paper originally became known, Endless was faced with the possibility that they may not have the option of using the same paper for their notebooks. So, while they tested and reviewed the “new” Tomoe River paper for quality and consistency, etc. they were also working on another project – a more long term fix to the problem. For the last few months, Endless has been getting ready, and they’ll be launching their own Endless paper.

Introducing Endless Paper: Replacing Tomoe River Paper in Endless Notebooks

So far, Endless Paper has offered exceptional results (even better than the current paper being used for Endless notebooks). Endless is positive that their customers are all going to love it. The launch of Endless notebooks filled with Endless paper will be sometime in 2021, so look forward to it!

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2 years ago

Glad to hear you will still be stocking Endless Recorder notebooks. I really love mine and it’s almost filled up!

John Chapman
2 years ago

Just bought my first Endless Recorder based on this blog entry. Going to do a little comparison when the new paper comes out.
Will they let you know before they ship, or will it be a complete surprise.