fountain pen friendly paper review

Fountain Pen Friendly Paper Review: Which Papers Work with Fountain Pens?

If you’re wondering which papers work best with fountain pens, read today’s fountain pen friendly paper review. We recently sent a few different fountain pen friendly paper options out to a reviewer, so we could share his conclusions with you here on the Fountain Pen Blog.

fountain pen friendly paper rhodia ICE notebook
Featured products include Rhodia ICE notebook, Conklin Mark Twain fountain pen, and Private Reserve Daphne Blue ink. // Credit: @edc.fountainpens.journals

Products Featured: Fountain Pen Friendly Paper Review

  1. Rhodia ICE notebook
  2. Endless Reorder A5 hardcover notebook (blank pages)
  3. Clairefontaine A5 Spiral Notebook

Our Guest Reviewer: @edc.fountainpens.journals

Today’s guest reviewer enjoys sharing what he’s discovered about pens, inks, papers, and other good things with interested parties. If you’re an interested party, you can find him on Instagram – just search for @edc.fountainpens.journals.

Rhodia ICE Notebook Review: Fountain Pen Friendly Paper Review

fountain pen friendly paper review
Triple fold break on the front cover of the Rhodia ICE pocket notebook (seen from the side). // Credit: @edc.fountainpens.journals

From @edc.fountainpens.journals: “Pen Chalet recently sent me this Rhodia Ice Top Staplebound Memo pad to try out in my world. It’s 3.3”x4.7” sized. Has 80 sheets of high grade vellum paper 80 g/m2 lined. I really like the triple fold break you can see in the photos so the front flap can fold to the back neatly also without damaging the front cover. Genius! I used Private Reserve Ink ‘Daphne Blue’ 💙💙💙 and [saw] transparency [on one page], but no bleed through 👏🏼.”

Not Just for Fountain Pens, Of Course:

fountain pen friendly paper review
One of the notebook featured in today’s fountain pen friendly paper review, the Rhodia ICE notebook. // Credit: @edc.fountainpens.journals

While the Rhodia ICE notebook is known for being a solid choice for fountain pen fans, this fountain pen-friendly paper isn’t reserved ONLY for fountain pens. Our reviewer also checked it out with one of his favorite (and OUR favorite) pocket-sized ballpoint pens, the Conklin Minigraph ballpoint.

fountain pen friendly paper the rhodia ICE notebook and conklin minigraph ballpoint
The Conklin Minigraph ballpoint pen with the Rhodia ICE pocket size notebook. // Credit: @edc.fountainpens.journals

Endless Recorder A5 Notebook Review: Fountain Pen Friendly Paper Review

fountain pen friendly paper review
The Endless Recorder notebook with the Monteverde Engage Inkball (a rollerball that lets you use fountain pen ink) inked with Private Reserve Neon Orange ink. // Credit: @edc.fountainpens.journals

From @edc.fountainpens.journals: “Received an Endless Reorder A5 hard cover with blank pages. This notebook features 68gsm Tomoe paper, zero bleed through, 187 pages, 16 perforated sheets, rules and squared guider sheet, back pocket and 2 ribbon markers. I will be making this my official #penandinkchallenge notebook 🤩 and ready to ink it up and see how this paper is!!!” Testing this fountain pen friendly paper out with a Monteverde Engage Inkball inked with Private Reserve Neon Orange fountain pen ink.

fountain pen friendly paper review
Diving into a new challenge in the Endless Recorder notebook, Private Reserve Sepia ink, Monteverde 2022 Special Edition D.C. Supershow Violet ink, and a Conklin All American in Raven Black. //Credit: @edc.fountainpens.journals

Clairefontaine A5 Spiral Notebook Review: Fountain Pen Friendly Paper Review

fountain pen friendly paper review
Clairefontaine spiral notebook. // Credit: @edc.fountainpens.journals

From @edc.fountainpens.journals: “Trying out this Clairefontaine A5 Spiral Notebook from @penchalet as a What’s inked Log. The Clairefontaine A5 Classic Spiral notebooks are bound on the side and come in random colors. Each notebook comes with 100 pages or 50 sheets of lined extra white and ultra-smooth paper that is 90g pH neutral and acid-free.”

rhodia ice notebook trifold cover design
Triple fold break on the front cover of the Rhodia ICE pocket notebook (seen from the side). // Photo and review credit: edc

Final Conclusions on the Big 3 Fountain Pen Friendly Papers:

  • Rhodia Ice pad works well with fine nibs. Medium up is a little feathering. I love the triple fold technology at the top [of the front cover]. (That may not be the correct term but that’s what I call it). [The pocket size notebook] fits in the pocket great! Although, the corners and edges are getting a little damaged so I may just need to use it at my desk for memos.
  • The Endless Recorder has the famous Tomoe River paper, but during my review, it liked to bleed through. But that could just be me. On some of the just plain fountain pen script I was writing in it still had some bleeding, but not as bad. But I love the journal. It lays flat. So I skip a page between each entry [to address the bleeding I saw], which is wasteful, I know. [The Endless Recorder notebook is] attractive if I have it in public to bring out, [and has a] tough elastic closure and double ribbon markers that I love. 
  • The Clairefontaine Spiral! The one is perfect all the way around!!!

A big thank you to this week’s guest reviewer, @edc.fountainpens.journals. We appreciate you checking out different fountain pen friendly papers for us!

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